Saturday, 11 August 2012

Willy Nilly Weekend :)

Hey guys, this is another miscellaneous blogpost of all the exciting things happened so far this weekend, right now it's 2:30pm of Sunday so I doubt I'll do much more except for studying :\
SO I had work on Friday night, nothing much happened except for witnessing my co-worker yelling at the newest girl, I feel sorry for her :( :( :( I absolutely dislike my co-worker, when the restaurant isn't too busy she's fine-ish but under pressure, she's a b****. Thank god my Dad knows her so she didn't yell at me as much when I first started. Let's hope she never read this or I'm screwed. 
Saturday morning was interesting. Me and Brittany were going to go to The Recycle Boutique which is a local pre-loved clothings and accessories store, they have amazing clothes for pretty good prices, to take come photos of Brittany trying on clothes for my Art Folio. Unfortunately when I rang them before we go, they said I need to ask their manager on Monday for permission. DAMN. So we ended up watching a few videos of Jenna Marble (OMG she's soo hilarious!! I love her new video on sport bra!!) then walking to town to have lunch. I swear EVERYONE decided to go to town as well, we saw like a zillion groups of 'hipsters', 'skuxx', 'sl*ts' (you get the general idea) MO TO THE FO!! Then work was all right, because the scary co-worker wasn't there :) And Marie's Mum with Shane and some other people came in the restaurant, then my friend Amiya and her family went in as well which was nice :) But after work was GREAT :D, the guy I like was being nice all night already and then he opened the door for me when we were going home. Me being an idiot I am didn't know he opened the door for me so I stood there for like 3 seconds then finally realized what he was doing. ARGHH WAY TO GO MOOSH FOR MAKING IT AWKWARD AS HELL !!!! But it was still kinda cute, so YAY :D Again, let's hope certain people don't read this :)
This morning, me and my sister went to see STEP UP REVOLUTION in 3D. I was great but wasn't as great as the other 3 Step Up movies. I'll do a detail review on that soon. Then we had lunch at Wabi Sabi which is a Japanese Restaurant, that was nice :).
So yea, that's pretty much it. For the rest of my sunday, I plan to stay in my room and study, BORING!!
Anyway, that's it. Here's another AMAZING PHOTO OF ANDREW GARFIELD, just to end this blog :)
Moosh x

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