Saturday, 28 July 2012


Hey guys today I have a reviews on the things I got in town last week featured in my haul post:)
Here's the link to my haul
  -The 3 bracelets I got I absolutely love !!!! They're so unique!!! I've been wearing them constantly and got so many compliments :) :) and it's great because they were so cheap as well :) :)
  -Next up, the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair is absolutely amazing, I smells really good, it doesn't make my hair greasy, super easy to apply, it makes my hair shiny and soft and best of all I actually notice my hair isn't thinning out as much :D I have fairly straight hair but my sister whose hair is more on the wavy side really love it as well. So yes, a really good product that I'd recommend to anyone.
  -Beautycareco. make up removal pads. I use this for applying my toner instead and I don't think it's that great, it's really thin and doesn't hold together very well so I have to fold the pad in half to use it. It was only $3 for 200 pads so I guess you get what you pay for.
  -Girlz only party nights dry shampoo. As I mentioned, this was a repurchase because I love it so much. It smells amazing, and leave my hair feeling really refreshed. You have to be really light-handed with this this because it does spray pretty full on patches of white but once you massage and brush the powder stuff in, it's fine. It also keep my hair un-oily for the whole second day which is great. Another reason I like this dry shampoo is that it gives me a bit of volume as well, because my hair is just dead flat on second days. 
  -L.A Colours Jumbo eyepencil in Sun kissed. The pros of this product are that it has amazing pigmentation, apply really well, great colour and it has really true colour pay off as the colour you see on the stick. The cons for me personally are the chunky glitters, I love the colour I got which is a shimery orangy bronze colour, but there'are these chunky big bits of glitters that really annoys me, I love shimmer and subtle little glitter dust but the ones in this is just like straight putting crafting glitter on. Another problem is that I dont know how to sharpen it, cause the case outside is plastic instead of wood so I don't know what to do. HELP. Lastly a problem I had that I think not everyone would necessary find, because I have really oily eyelid, I find this smudges on my eye so easily, so I have to use some sort of powder on top. 
I think that's it for my review, hope you find it somewhat useful :)
Moosh x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Quick morning blog :)

G'Morning :D :D :D
I have to go and get ready for Sophie's Birthday Party in 20 minutes, so I thought I'd do a quick blog post :)
This morning I woke up to miss Park knocking on my door then abusing me for my style expertise (more like  stupidity) because she's going to meet up with some GUY later. Despite my lack of sleep and starving fingers, I have to admit she looks pretty damn good :) :) :)
Then I went onto facebook to ready my daily news and BAM 

Holy shittt this totally made my day !!!!! :D :D :D :D ANDREW GARFIELD IS SO FREAKING HOT !!!!
Yes you're welcome :)
I gotta go, byee hope you all have an awesome day :)
Moosh x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Craft Project as a birthday Present :)

Ok first of all, if your name is Sophie Allan, GET OFF THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! 


Yes now, so Thursday night, I was studying for my science test the next day, I suddenly came up with a really cool craft idea, and since it's my friend Sophie's birthday on Saturday, I thought I make it for her. So this is a picture frames collection sort of thing. I made the individual frames then string them together in columns of 3, then stick them on a wooden chopstick :) I hope this is useful for people who're looking for crafting ideas. I really enjoyed making it :)
And here it is 

Moosh x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Getting busy/lazy/uglier + first haul ever :)

Hi peeps, sorry for being a slacker in the pass couple of days (seems like I always start a blog with an apology, :( not good )
I had such a hectic weekend with work on Friday night, shopping on Saturday morning, work Saturday night then a Birthday Sleepover party till noon on Sunday. Then I had soo much homework that I've been procrastinating on. So that's the busy bit, now on with the lazy. I'm getting really lazy, I don't want to go to work or the gym or school, all I wish for is to snuggle up in my duvet and blankies with my electric blanket on watching youtube videos and drinking hot cocoa. I know it's probably my fault but I'm blaming the weather as well. As you all know, well you might not know this but it's mid winter right now in New Zealand and the weather had been perfect for staying in door. It's been cold, windy, wet and gets dark at about 5:30 which is ridiculous. So since I've been getting really lazy plus myfitnesspal went out the window for me, I've gained a little extra winter cushioning fat. FML. My hair is either undergoing the shedding period which is when the hair follicle is reaching the point of detachment and the bulb of the hair shaft moves closer the surface of the scalp causing more hair breakage than normal or my hair doesn't like the cold weather and decide to thin out or that I'm going bald. So with extra fat and thinner hair, I look terrible. 

Now on a cheerier note, my haul from Saturday shopping trip with my lovely friends Rosanna and Brittany :) I got some really good bargains :) and sorry that the picture qualities ain't that good.
This little bracelet with a sparkle ball is from Bling orginally from $12 down to $2.50 
I got these really cute bracelets from Dotti and they were 2 for $2!!! down from $17.99
As I mentioned earlier, my hair is thinning out so I decided to get this Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair leave in treatment, it supposes to reduce hair breakage by 95%. This was $8 from Kmart.
I got some cotton pads for applying my toner, they were $3 for 2 packs of 100. Bargain :)
This is a repurchase, the Girlz Only Party Nights dry shampoo was $6 from Postie. I tried out these a couple months ago and it worked wonder at making my hair feel fresh, un-oily and smells great. 
My last item is the L.A Colours Jumbo Eyepencil in Sun kissed. This is a really pretty bronzy colour, the pencil is really pigmented and easy to apply. The only downside for me is that it has some really chunky glitter particles which isn't necessarily bad but it does limit the times and places I can wear this. This was $5.

So that's it for my first ever haul, overall I'm really happy with all the bargains I found and the items I purchased. I might do a little review on some of the products. 
Thanks for reading everyone :)
Moosh x