Saturday, 11 August 2012

Willy Nilly Weekend :)

Hey guys, this is another miscellaneous blogpost of all the exciting things happened so far this weekend, right now it's 2:30pm of Sunday so I doubt I'll do much more except for studying :\
SO I had work on Friday night, nothing much happened except for witnessing my co-worker yelling at the newest girl, I feel sorry for her :( :( :( I absolutely dislike my co-worker, when the restaurant isn't too busy she's fine-ish but under pressure, she's a b****. Thank god my Dad knows her so she didn't yell at me as much when I first started. Let's hope she never read this or I'm screwed. 
Saturday morning was interesting. Me and Brittany were going to go to The Recycle Boutique which is a local pre-loved clothings and accessories store, they have amazing clothes for pretty good prices, to take come photos of Brittany trying on clothes for my Art Folio. Unfortunately when I rang them before we go, they said I need to ask their manager on Monday for permission. DAMN. So we ended up watching a few videos of Jenna Marble (OMG she's soo hilarious!! I love her new video on sport bra!!) then walking to town to have lunch. I swear EVERYONE decided to go to town as well, we saw like a zillion groups of 'hipsters', 'skuxx', 'sl*ts' (you get the general idea) MO TO THE FO!! Then work was all right, because the scary co-worker wasn't there :) And Marie's Mum with Shane and some other people came in the restaurant, then my friend Amiya and her family went in as well which was nice :) But after work was GREAT :D, the guy I like was being nice all night already and then he opened the door for me when we were going home. Me being an idiot I am didn't know he opened the door for me so I stood there for like 3 seconds then finally realized what he was doing. ARGHH WAY TO GO MOOSH FOR MAKING IT AWKWARD AS HELL !!!! But it was still kinda cute, so YAY :D Again, let's hope certain people don't read this :)
This morning, me and my sister went to see STEP UP REVOLUTION in 3D. I was great but wasn't as great as the other 3 Step Up movies. I'll do a detail review on that soon. Then we had lunch at Wabi Sabi which is a Japanese Restaurant, that was nice :).
So yea, that's pretty much it. For the rest of my sunday, I plan to stay in my room and study, BORING!!
Anyway, that's it. Here's another AMAZING PHOTO OF ANDREW GARFIELD, just to end this blog :)
Moosh x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A bit of everything

Hey everyone, sorry for not blogging in the past couple of days, I've been really busy but I'm here with a post !!
As mentioned in the title, this will be about a few random things that happened lately that I find exciting/interesting enough to write about, so let's get into it :)
First of all, a big fat THANK YOU to everyone for helping me to get to 600 views !!!! I know it's not alot for a blogger but I'm so so stoked and thankful for the people who support me!!!
Something that made my day today was a fortune cookie handmade my mygood friend Kayla (Miss K) which was delicious and my fortune was "You will be in love very soon", OMG I really do hope so, it's not that I'm desperate, but many of my friends all of a sudden (well it seems like a sudden) were/are involved with a guys. Which makes me think, omg why is this happening so fast? what about me ? I'm going to be FOREVER ALONE ALONE  ALONE ALONE ALONE !!!!!!!!! Do you guys know the song? "Forever young, i'm gonna be forever young, do you really wanna live forever, forever..." Well now trying replacing the "young" with "alone". It's pretty depressing :( :( :( I'm almost convinced that I will be forever alone D: D: D: So little fortune cookie, please come true !!!
Next up is SHOPPING :D :D :D apart from zumba, shopping is my stress relieve therapy :) Since my last post I've been to town twice I think, and I got a few interesting things to show you guys so I'll do a haul post sometimes this weekend (when I clean my room and find the damn camera)
Another thing is OH MY GOD THE OLYMPICS !!!! Especially the men gymnastics, men diving, and men swimming!!! OMG their MUSCLES :O :O :O I basically drool every time I watch these events, I mean how can you not?? Don't get me wrong I also really love watching other events and cheering for the New Zealand team as well :) :) :)
Oh and Visual Art, on Wednesday we had to hand in the first out of our 2 board folios, I got it done in time, but it was ok, not great. I'll toake a photo and show you guys :)
Last but not least, my ATM FAVE's 
Music: Rumour by Adele
Celebrity: Andrew Garfield 
Movie: Bridesmaid
Food: Wrigley's Extra active gum watermelon flavoured (I know it's not really a food but still)
Quote: "You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you" Alex Pepperberg the 31 years old African Gray parrot's last words.
Now her's a picture of the USA Men Gymnastic Team for you all to drool over:)
Moosh x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick pic :D

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating in the past few days, I've simply been really busy + life at the moment is simply ain't that interesting :P. But today I just finished an art work that I started quite a while ago so I thought I'd share with you (I'm so glad it turns out better on scan :D). This is of a photo I found on weheartit, all photography credits to the person who took this picture, I'm just redrawing it. So here it is :)
Moosh x