Saturday, 8 September 2012

MooLikes Winter Edition

Hey everyone, I've been waiting to do this post for quite a while but no more waiting, it's finally here!!! Spring started a week ago which I can't wait till the end of, even though I love the colourful Spring trends, all the flower blooming, warmer weather,etc...but Spring is exam season, so.. ef it :(. To celebrate the change of  season, I'm going to do a Moolikes Winter edition :)
The first category is clothing which will include a top, an outerwear,a bottom, a footwear, and accessories :)
I know this isn't exactly a top but it's what I wore most often through out the winter. I absolutely love this dress, got it from Savation Army which is an opshop in Palmy for $4! But I think it's $20-$25 in Kmart. It's a nautical-ish white and navy blue dress, comes down to just above my knee and it's made up of thick stretchy material which was perfect for winter.
Granny Jerseys, well that's what I call them. This is a navy blue (I love my navy) slightly baggy, thick and warm cardigan that I stole from Mum. Super duper cosy and it's my absolute stable winter item to wear over dresses because they keep me nice and warm :)
Ok, I lived in tights (stockings) during the winter. Because jeans just look stupid on me (I have thunder thighs) so dresses do a great job at hiding my legs but it's way to cold to wear just a dress in winter so I would always put come tights underneath to stop my legs from freezing :) I get my tights from Kmart for $11 for 3 pairs :). (Sorry there's no photo, tights are pretty boring)

For shoes, I've been wearing these grey canvas non-stop during winter. They're comfy to walk in and pretty much go with everything :). I got these ones for $6 from Kmart :)
Favourite accessory for winter got to be scarves. Scarves keeping my neck warm yet really make an outfit looks finished I think. This is a grey infinity scarf for $5 from Rubi :)
Secondly, it's beauty products :)
For hair care, I've been loving Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair and Gloss leave-in Treatment. I use this after I wash my hair which is every second day and it really hydrated and nourished my hair during the cold winter. I have a small review on this product if you guys want to check it out: 
For skincare, I really enjoyed roseship oil from Trilogy. I get really dry skin on my jaw, forehead an around my eyes, especially in winter. So I put some of this on those areas before bed and it made my skin really soft and hydrated the next morning :)
Nail polish! I'm not a very big nail polish person but I really like the L.A Colours Nail Lacquer in Sheer Bliss. It's a pearly white with pink shimmers which looks nice, subtle and pretty on my nails :) I think this was $3 from the Makeup Sale in the Arena earlier this year.
For makeup, this winter I haven't really love any of my makeup and I didn't want to include them in just for the sake of it. So sorry :\
Thirdly, it's my hair style like, on my first hair day I've been loving putting my hair up in a neat bun when it's still slightly wet then get these amazing waves later in the day :) For my second day I've been loving messy top knot bun because it gets the greasy hair out of my face while giving me a few extra centimetres :)
Lastly it's non-beauty likes
-Colour likes: Navy blue all the way for the winter :)
- My food likes. I've been loving the battered fried banana that Mum always make, I know sounds strange and unhealthy and all but it's a real comfort food for me especially before and during mocks :). For drinks I've been loving milk coffee, not just any coffee with milk but coffee with CONDENSED MILK. It's again very unhealthy but omg it tastes amazing :)
- Song likes are Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift and recently No Name and First Kiss by Ryan O'Shaughnessy.
-Peeps Likes : Ryan O'Shaughnessy!!! OMG you have to look him up on youtube, hewas in Britains Got talent where he performed a song he wrote which was so beautiful and he's so cute and OMG!! Just look him up and you'll know what I mean :) And the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic, they do amazing make up tutorials on youtube, they're both gorgeous and funny and nice. Definitely check them out as well :)
-Quote likes : I'm a real quote person but the one I kept reminding my self all winter especially closer to mocks is 'The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time'. This quote helps me to calm down and focus on the present rather than the future and not to plan too ahead. :)
-Movie likes: Bridesmaid is soo funny and Magic Mike, even though I haven't seen it because I'm under age, but I know I will :)
And that's it for my Moolikes Winter edition post, hope you guys like it :)
Moosh x

Friday, 7 September 2012


Hey peeps !!! I just had my last mock this afternoon so now I'm officially back :D :D :D. Hows everyone ??? You have no idea how many time I itched to write a quick blog during the passed excruciating 10 days of studying and studying. And NO FACEBOOK OR BLOG, pure torture. So during that time, once in a while I would jot down some blog ideas that I can write about and I can promise you quite a few posts in the near future. This is an "I'm extremely glad to be back" post and I think I might share with you guys a few "dramatic" things happened to me :)
First is the Thursday just before study leave, OMFG, that day all the Year 11 History students are supposed to go on a history trip to a museum. I'm a year 11, I take History and I paid for the trip, but guess what happen !! I effing missed it. Bloody hell !!! Because on the instruction sheet we got, the meet up time at school is 07:45, I was soo dumb and thought that 7:45 is when school starts, so the bus leave at the same time as the school start. BUT NO, school flippin starts at 8:45!!! I AM SO STUPID!! So at 8, I got like 5 texts from my friends asking where I was, I looked at the time on my phone and only THEN realized that 7:45 is an hour before school start. I rushed to school, it's 8:05 and yep, I missed the f***ing bus. So I had to go to school that day, lonering my way from class to class since most of my friend take History as well. Moral of this story, dont be a dumbshit like me, if you have a certain time you need to be at somewhere, make sure you know exactly WHEN that time is :)
Secondly, this is not exactly dramatic but you know how I was talking about this certain guy in my previous posts, yea I don't think I like him that much any more :P, I think he isn't quite as "good" as I thought. Speaking of him, after exams me, Kayla (Miss K), Rosie and Marie went to town for a little retail therapy, guess who was there, yup, him. So I cooly went into a store near by, waiting for him to go pass, 'cause you know, it's awkward. Then stupid Kayla, decided to attract some attention by dragging me out of the store to got to Whitcoulls, bullshit, she headed straight for him, so of course I ran back to the store once I knew!! He SAW us!!! It's so embarrassing, I still have to meet him at work!!! Stupid Kayla!! Ruining my life!! :D :D
But, whatever, crushes are just little weights to train for the heart :).
Thirdly, exams are so bloody stressful I think I stayed up to about 2:00am for more than half of the study leave, amd these were only practice ones, wonder what I'd be like in the real one :(  :(
Lastly, this is kind of like an announcement, I kind of knew this earlier but it's only confirmed recently. We're moving to Perth, Australia next year. I'm really sad about leaving but Dad got a new job there so he's going on Monday, then the me, my sister and Mum are going over in the middle of January next year :(. Anyway I'll write about this a bit more in another post :) Here's a photo of Perth :)

Yup so this has been my dramatic post/update on my life :) hope you guys like it :) I'm really happy to be back :)
Moosh x