Saturday, 7 July 2012

Right? Wrong?

Ok so this day definitely could've been better (in other words, I'm having a shitty day). The start was all right. We had a few people over, played some cards, looked through some baby video clips, eat,...Then BAM, work at 5:00pm, then my day went down a cliff. Let just say some thing happened which I did not do but witnessed. Then the boss asked everyone who did this, no one knows except me and the person who did it. So I told the boss thinking that it's the right think to do. Only to feel guilty as shit afterwards to the person who actually did it and there's a possibility that the boss misunderstood that I did it and I'm trying to blame someone else. FML!!! ARGHH !!! How can something that is supposed to be right feel so wrong??? 
I know that in a couple of weeks this will be a little tiny black dot in my memory but right now it feels like a big gigantic cloud of guilt hanging over my head. Oh and then I got home at 10pm, starving, and some "nice" person reminded me that if I eat at this hour, I'll be fatter than I already am ( yea I get it, I'm fat). Thanks "nice" person. 
This blog probably is really boring and depressing and boring. I'm probably not even making sense. I'm tired ok ! :\ (I was so tired that when I tried to ring Dad to pick me up from work, I rang my friend's home phone instead, that was kinda funny).
Anyway I plan to go to bed early to night and have a great day tomorrow :) You guys should too. (And here's a picture that cheered me up slightly, the highlight of this blog)

Moosh x

Friday, 6 July 2012


I was looking through my traffic sources, I came across this link to, so I had a scroll through and found this amazing artist
He does absolutely amazing paintings of birds that capture their true nature. His art definitely has an oriental feel of Chinese calligraphy with ink on paper. I just find him and his art every inspiring, so I thought I'd share with you. Also here's one of his pieces
Moosh x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Glasson Fashion Show hair and makeup

Hey, here are some photos from yesterday when I did my friends Brittany and Rebecca's make up and hair for their fashion show. Since they were required to have top bun, I added some braids to make it more interesting. Brittany's bun had 4 different little braids running through it and Becca's bun had one big braid wrapping around the base. Sorry the photo of Brittany's eyeshadow us kinda blurry so I just uploaded the one of Becca's. Both of them had quite similar eyeshadow, but Brit's base colour were greyie-blue where as Becca's were brown. Other than that, i used the same colours on top.

Brittany's hair

Becca's eyeshadow

Becca's eye


Brittany's eye

Becca's hair
By the way I'm not a hair stylist or a make up artist nor trying to be one. I thought of their make up on the spot and got inspirations for their hair on various other websites.
Moosh x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Make-up and hair

Hey guys, right now it's 12:46 in New Zealand. This afternoon I'll being doing to my friends Brittany and Becca's make up and hair for their Miss Teen Manawatu Event: The Glasson Fashion Show in the Plaza. I'm really excited for that :D, I've done their hair quite a few times and make up once or twice but those were for a private event with the judges, but this time, everyone's eye will be on them. For the hair, since everyone has  to have their hair in a top bun, I'll add a little twist in the bun to make them stand out a little more. For the make up, I'll go a for more natural but chic makeup since this is a fashion show after all, maybe a subtle smokey eye :)
Anyway, I'm super excited for this and I'll be putting up some photo of the all finished gorgeous models :)
If you're round and about, come to see the fashion show in the Palmerston North Plaza at 5:30 :)
Moosh x 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman review

Two words : Freaking Amazing, I couldn't agree more with the title. I came into the movie expecting sort of the modern version with Peter being in high school and some minor differences to the original spiderman. But it totally blew me away of how good it was. I feel like it's an original movie, not because it's the same as the first one but because it didn't feel like a second version. I think the producers did a really really good job of giving the movie a fresh, modern and exciting aspect while still portrayed perfectly the main storyline of a superhero. Also the casts were perfect. Different to Tobey Maguire who showed a sleek and perfect aspect of Spiderman, Andrew Garfield is what I call a hot nerd Peter Parker. He was a smart, shy and vulnerable teenage boy while being a brave, funny and charming superhero. I'm also really glad that Emma Stone is the lead actress, I think she was perfect for the role. Unlike the typical female in superhero movies who always need to be protected and rescued, Gwen Stacy could be a superhero as well, she was firm and brave while being unbelievably gorgeous and the perfect girlfriend for Peter. I also love how romantic and modern this movie is, the sweet love story started in a modern high school was just perfect. The villain was also really interesting because Dr Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans is someone who is good but were kind of forced into being a villain. I also love how, unlike to the original where the police were portrayed as useless, in this one, the cops are actually a really big part as of the movie (I wont reveal too much). And the little cliff hanger at the end was really clever I found, because I was really sad that the movie is over then BAM a cliff hanger, hinting The Amazing Spiderman 2. YAY !!!! Overall I give this a 5 out of 5, it's one of the best action/romance movie I've ever seen. I want a Spidey in my life !!!! :)
And here's a photo of one of my favourite scene in the movie :
Moosh x

Earthquake Frenzy

Ok, so there I was, sitting on my bed preparing to write a new post, my I started to feel the ground shaking, then my mirror and laptop screen started to shake. I got really freaked out, my first instinct was drop, cover and hold like we're taught at school. So I bolted under my desk, holding onto the legs for my dear life  while the ground and desk shook like a mad cow. 
After a minute or two it stopped. I then slowly crawled back onto bed and went onto facebook. As I thought, there was like 50 earthquake statuses. I updated my to 
"imma join the status frenzy.....EARTHQUAKE !!!!!"
Then I had a scroll through my news feed, there was some equally cool status as mine (I KID) like "Just a few friends online until the earthquake hit... then all of Palmy decided to come on facebook to announce it."or "earthquake status!"or "CYCLONE"
these shows just how awesome we teenagers are, turning something scary like an Earthquake and turn it into a status update/ sarcastic status update frenzy. Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying something like an earthquake is enjoyable and fun, I do not find it fun AT ALL. But it's just quite interesting to see how different people chose to react to certain situations.
Then I had a look through the news, to find out the the earthquake was 6.5 magnitude!!! OMG I've survived !!!!
Here's a tip to deal with earthquake situations (apart from drop,cover,hold) 
btw totally unrelated but i'm going to see Spiderman tomorrow and i'll be doing a small review on it :)
Moosh x

Monday, 2 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

Yes  I know, this movie has been out for ages but I'm going to see it tomorrow !!
It's quite exciting really. I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed with Spiderman but I have seen all the previous Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire, I thoroughly enjoyed them but I think Tobey Maguire didn't suit the role as much because he appears to be a little "unstable and creepy-ish" especially after I saw Brothers which is another film he was in with Jake Gyllenhaal (I apologize to all Maguire fans who are reading this) . So when The Amazing Spiderman came out, I got really excited because I think Andrew Garfield would me a really cool Spiderman and I'm OBSESSED with Emma Stone, I saw most of her movie like The Help, Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, etc and I just absolutely love her!!! I think the two couldn't be more perfect for this movie. So tomorrow me and a few friends are going to see that in 2D, it's a shame because I would've love to see it in 3D but the showing time clashes with work :\ I would love to hear someone's opinion on the 3D version :). Anyway I'm really excited and I'll be sure to do a little review on what I think of the movie :)
Here's the trailer:

Moosh x


So I guess anyone who view my blog unless you're a close friend of mine, would not have a clue why is my blog called Moosh. So here's the reason.
Around May this year, I was getting really obsessive over moustaches, no not the creep old guy with a moustache (I really do like guys with facial hair like moustache or beard or goatee or side burn, etc.). But the ones on "keep calm and grow a moustache" posters and things are soo cool. I would find pictures of items that have moustaches on them like iphone cases, necklaces, shirts, cups then share it with my friend. After a while, they started to call me moustache, then it got shortened to Moosh. 
Now i'm still quite obsessive over moustaches, not as much as I was though, but the nickname stuck :D
When I came to decide a name for my blog, I was deciding between Wing and Moosh (Nguyen is the way you pronounce my name, or close to pronouncing my name anyway Nguyen). Moosh just seemed like a more fun and creative option :)
Now you all know why this blog is called Moosh :D here's a photo of a moustache for you all to enjoy 

Moosh x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Monday in town :)

Hey I just got back from shopping with my friends, had a such blast :D
So first we went to Uncle Bills which is a really cheap store and got some hair elastics for $1, which I thought was a bargain. Then we walked to the Plaza, but on the way there we stopped by the dairy and I got rainbow sour strips and raspberry drops!! YUM. Didn't get any thing in the Plaza but found some pattern tights for $5 in Rubi shoe, was so close to getting it but I decided that I didn't need it :\. Then got a white chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie from subway which was so good. Then we went to this pool supply and containers shop thing which had some great deals on make up like $2 maybelline brown eyeliner and $3 Loreal nail polish, I got a maybelline concealer in shade sand-01 which is a tad too light for me but I can mix it with my L.A Girl concealer which is now to dark for me since it's winter. And the maybelline concealer was only $2 !!! BARGAIN. OH then lastly, (this is not very exciting) but we stopped by The Warehouse and I got come sunsilk de-tangle spray for $4, which I thought was so cheap. 

So that's what I got today in town :D I know it's not that much but I'm really happy with all the bargains I found. Well gotta go now to the Gym, I have Centergy (which is a combination or Yoga and Pilate) at 6:45pm. Hope this post was slightly more interesting than the previous one (I'm working on it) :). I would love to take some photos to add to this post but our camera is pretty crappy, sorry :\.
Moosh x

I am Me

Going to town in an hour, so i was just looking through my news feed and found this amazing amazing song via Will Smith Page. I love it.
Moosh x

Feeling Inspired

Well it's 2am right now and i'm still up, but that's alrite since it's the holiday.
Leonid Afremov. He's my favourite artist right now,I just absolutely the different colours, how the light colours pop out on the darker colours in his work and how they layered on. I just think it's amazing. I'm using on of his paintings as  my google background and I absolutely love it. Totally worth it to have a look through his art work. 
Moosh x

Boring Sunday

Hey i'm back :)
So it's 10:28pm right now, i've been playing around with the design of my blog, quite happy with it but I might do some further adjusting.
Been on facebook and the phone with my friends trying to organise what's happening tomorrow. So the original plan was to go to Uncle Bills, this really cheap place in Palmerston North that sales basicly everything, than shopping in the Plaza then to my friend's house to do hers and another friend's hair for an event for Miss Teen Manawatu. But then that event was postponed to next Friday. Which i'm a little annoyed about since I asked for a day off my part time job. So I had to text my boss and she was kinda annoyed at me. Now i'm not working tomorrow and next monday as well :\
oh well :P
at least i get to go shopping tomorrow, should be fun :D
Well I just realized how boring this second blog post is, I apologize, hopefully the one tomorrow will be more interesting, maybe a haul (if i do get some stuff) :)
Moosh x