Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Earthquake Frenzy

Ok, so there I was, sitting on my bed preparing to write a new post, my I started to feel the ground shaking, then my mirror and laptop screen started to shake. I got really freaked out, my first instinct was drop, cover and hold like we're taught at school. So I bolted under my desk, holding onto the legs for my dear life  while the ground and desk shook like a mad cow. 
After a minute or two it stopped. I then slowly crawled back onto bed and went onto facebook. As I thought, there was like 50 earthquake statuses. I updated my to 
"imma join the status frenzy.....EARTHQUAKE !!!!!"
Then I had a scroll through my news feed, there was some equally cool status as mine (I KID) like "Just a few friends online until the earthquake hit... then all of Palmy decided to come on facebook to announce it."or "earthquake status!"or "CYCLONE"
these shows just how awesome we teenagers are, turning something scary like an Earthquake and turn it into a status update/ sarcastic status update frenzy. Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying something like an earthquake is enjoyable and fun, I do not find it fun AT ALL. But it's just quite interesting to see how different people chose to react to certain situations.
Then I had a look through the news, to find out the the earthquake was 6.5 magnitude!!! OMG I've survived !!!!
Here's a tip to deal with earthquake situations (apart from drop,cover,hold) 
btw totally unrelated but i'm going to see Spiderman tomorrow and i'll be doing a small review on it :)
Moosh x

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