Saturday, 7 July 2012

Right? Wrong?

Ok so this day definitely could've been better (in other words, I'm having a shitty day). The start was all right. We had a few people over, played some cards, looked through some baby video clips, eat,...Then BAM, work at 5:00pm, then my day went down a cliff. Let just say some thing happened which I did not do but witnessed. Then the boss asked everyone who did this, no one knows except me and the person who did it. So I told the boss thinking that it's the right think to do. Only to feel guilty as shit afterwards to the person who actually did it and there's a possibility that the boss misunderstood that I did it and I'm trying to blame someone else. FML!!! ARGHH !!! How can something that is supposed to be right feel so wrong??? 
I know that in a couple of weeks this will be a little tiny black dot in my memory but right now it feels like a big gigantic cloud of guilt hanging over my head. Oh and then I got home at 10pm, starving, and some "nice" person reminded me that if I eat at this hour, I'll be fatter than I already am ( yea I get it, I'm fat). Thanks "nice" person. 
This blog probably is really boring and depressing and boring. I'm probably not even making sense. I'm tired ok ! :\ (I was so tired that when I tried to ring Dad to pick me up from work, I rang my friend's home phone instead, that was kinda funny).
Anyway I plan to go to bed early to night and have a great day tomorrow :) You guys should too. (And here's a picture that cheered me up slightly, the highlight of this blog)

Moosh x

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