Sunday, 1 July 2012

Monday in town :)

Hey I just got back from shopping with my friends, had a such blast :D
So first we went to Uncle Bills which is a really cheap store and got some hair elastics for $1, which I thought was a bargain. Then we walked to the Plaza, but on the way there we stopped by the dairy and I got rainbow sour strips and raspberry drops!! YUM. Didn't get any thing in the Plaza but found some pattern tights for $5 in Rubi shoe, was so close to getting it but I decided that I didn't need it :\. Then got a white chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie from subway which was so good. Then we went to this pool supply and containers shop thing which had some great deals on make up like $2 maybelline brown eyeliner and $3 Loreal nail polish, I got a maybelline concealer in shade sand-01 which is a tad too light for me but I can mix it with my L.A Girl concealer which is now to dark for me since it's winter. And the maybelline concealer was only $2 !!! BARGAIN. OH then lastly, (this is not very exciting) but we stopped by The Warehouse and I got come sunsilk de-tangle spray for $4, which I thought was so cheap. 

So that's what I got today in town :D I know it's not that much but I'm really happy with all the bargains I found. Well gotta go now to the Gym, I have Centergy (which is a combination or Yoga and Pilate) at 6:45pm. Hope this post was slightly more interesting than the previous one (I'm working on it) :). I would love to take some photos to add to this post but our camera is pretty crappy, sorry :\.
Moosh x

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