Sunday, 1 July 2012

Boring Sunday

Hey i'm back :)
So it's 10:28pm right now, i've been playing around with the design of my blog, quite happy with it but I might do some further adjusting.
Been on facebook and the phone with my friends trying to organise what's happening tomorrow. So the original plan was to go to Uncle Bills, this really cheap place in Palmerston North that sales basicly everything, than shopping in the Plaza then to my friend's house to do hers and another friend's hair for an event for Miss Teen Manawatu. But then that event was postponed to next Friday. Which i'm a little annoyed about since I asked for a day off my part time job. So I had to text my boss and she was kinda annoyed at me. Now i'm not working tomorrow and next monday as well :\
oh well :P
at least i get to go shopping tomorrow, should be fun :D
Well I just realized how boring this second blog post is, I apologize, hopefully the one tomorrow will be more interesting, maybe a haul (if i do get some stuff) :)
Moosh x

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