Monday, 2 July 2012


So I guess anyone who view my blog unless you're a close friend of mine, would not have a clue why is my blog called Moosh. So here's the reason.
Around May this year, I was getting really obsessive over moustaches, no not the creep old guy with a moustache (I really do like guys with facial hair like moustache or beard or goatee or side burn, etc.). But the ones on "keep calm and grow a moustache" posters and things are soo cool. I would find pictures of items that have moustaches on them like iphone cases, necklaces, shirts, cups then share it with my friend. After a while, they started to call me moustache, then it got shortened to Moosh. 
Now i'm still quite obsessive over moustaches, not as much as I was though, but the nickname stuck :D
When I came to decide a name for my blog, I was deciding between Wing and Moosh (Nguyen is the way you pronounce my name, or close to pronouncing my name anyway Nguyen). Moosh just seemed like a more fun and creative option :)
Now you all know why this blog is called Moosh :D here's a photo of a moustache for you all to enjoy 

Moosh x

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