Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman review

Two words : Freaking Amazing, I couldn't agree more with the title. I came into the movie expecting sort of the modern version with Peter being in high school and some minor differences to the original spiderman. But it totally blew me away of how good it was. I feel like it's an original movie, not because it's the same as the first one but because it didn't feel like a second version. I think the producers did a really really good job of giving the movie a fresh, modern and exciting aspect while still portrayed perfectly the main storyline of a superhero. Also the casts were perfect. Different to Tobey Maguire who showed a sleek and perfect aspect of Spiderman, Andrew Garfield is what I call a hot nerd Peter Parker. He was a smart, shy and vulnerable teenage boy while being a brave, funny and charming superhero. I'm also really glad that Emma Stone is the lead actress, I think she was perfect for the role. Unlike the typical female in superhero movies who always need to be protected and rescued, Gwen Stacy could be a superhero as well, she was firm and brave while being unbelievably gorgeous and the perfect girlfriend for Peter. I also love how romantic and modern this movie is, the sweet love story started in a modern high school was just perfect. The villain was also really interesting because Dr Curt Connors played by Rhys Ifans is someone who is good but were kind of forced into being a villain. I also love how, unlike to the original where the police were portrayed as useless, in this one, the cops are actually a really big part as of the movie (I wont reveal too much). And the little cliff hanger at the end was really clever I found, because I was really sad that the movie is over then BAM a cliff hanger, hinting The Amazing Spiderman 2. YAY !!!! Overall I give this a 5 out of 5, it's one of the best action/romance movie I've ever seen. I want a Spidey in my life !!!! :)
And here's a photo of one of my favourite scene in the movie :
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