Thursday, 5 July 2012

Glasson Fashion Show hair and makeup

Hey, here are some photos from yesterday when I did my friends Brittany and Rebecca's make up and hair for their fashion show. Since they were required to have top bun, I added some braids to make it more interesting. Brittany's bun had 4 different little braids running through it and Becca's bun had one big braid wrapping around the base. Sorry the photo of Brittany's eyeshadow us kinda blurry so I just uploaded the one of Becca's. Both of them had quite similar eyeshadow, but Brit's base colour were greyie-blue where as Becca's were brown. Other than that, i used the same colours on top.

Brittany's hair

Becca's eyeshadow

Becca's eye


Brittany's eye

Becca's hair
By the way I'm not a hair stylist or a make up artist nor trying to be one. I thought of their make up on the spot and got inspirations for their hair on various other websites.
Moosh x

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