Friday, 9 November 2012

Health for Exams

Hallo everyone, I know I know I haven't post much at all, but today I'm here with a blah blah blah post on health/well-being  for all of those who have exams coming up, because the worst thing (well probably not the worst worst thing, but pretty bad) is to get sick before (can't revise/prepare), during (you'll definitely not perform your best and you might be a distraction for other people around you as well) or after your exams (because you would want to be partying/celebrating, not staying home sick). This post might be a bit late with my first exam on monday, but hey, better late than never. So let's get right into it shall we :)
Disclaimer: This is just what I do and what works for me in keeping me fairly healthy, so it might not 100% work for everyone else.
Now good food is so so so important in keeping the body healthy, if you eat right, you'll feel and look right, trust me, you really are what you eat. So be sure to eat your 5+ everyday (3 veggetables and 2 fruits, at least) prefereably in a range of colours, the more colourful, the better, and no I don't mean colourful as in dipping it in food colouring, natural colours from the fruit/vegies are the way to go. Also, fruit juice/ fruit yoghurt DO NOT count. But remember, 5 is the minimum, I normally eat about 6 or 7 different types of vegies + fruit per day. If you'r not eating your 5+, start right now, or at least try to eat one fruit/vegies more than you did yesterday and gradually increase it. 
Once you're eating your 5+ a day, you'll feel less need to reach of junk food, you'll perform better and because of all the vitamins and nutrients in fruit and vegies, you'll hopefully don't get sick :)
RECIPE: Fruit salad

-3-4 different types of fruit in small quantities
-yoghurt (any type would do)
-Cereal (this is optional but it really adds to the texture of this salad, can be any type of cereal)
1. Cut your fruit into bite size pieces and place in a bowl/glass/whatever you're going to serve this in.
2. Pour yoghurt over the fruit.
3. Sprinkle cereal on top.
4. Eat.
Btw, this is supposed to be a snack, so dont go over board with your fruit and yoghurt or else you'll end up with too much. And also, this recipe is totally open to your preference, mix it up a little, but banana with strawberry yoghurt works amazing together.
2. Study Owl
Now, I'm pretty sure 90% of us do this: the nights close the exams, you're staying up real late, try to study as much as you can, then you end up sleeping in the next morning, then staying up even later than the previous night, yup yup, you know what I'm talking about. Now I'm not going to say that night study is bad (but it's probably is bad), because I personally find them very productive, because at day time, there're just so many distractions!! SO if you're like me, and find night time study better, here are a a few 'rules' you should try to keep to:
- Do not stay up past a certain set time, mine is 12:30 which might be too late or early for some of you, so find a good time for yourself. Because if you sleep too late, your brain will be too tired to cram any more stuff and personally if I sleep too late, I'll get funny eyes (ie one eye will have a different crease to the other which looks stupid) and I'll break out :\.
-Light, desk and chair, okay this might sound stupid but do have proper lighting, chair and desk to protect your body. If the light is too dim you'll get headaches and eyesores, and can potentially lead to spectacles. Non-proper desk and chair causes sore back and neck which can lead to further complications when you're older. I know this might be too far ahead for some of you to worry about but hey you gotta do the best for your body, and sore eyes + crippled neck/back won't help during exams.  
- Midnight drinks, well if you're gonna drink coffee to stay up, don't. Because coffee isn't the best thing for you, even though it has really good 'waker-upper' power, you do not need that much. So if you drink coffee at night, after studying, you wont be able to go to sleep, at all, then when the caffeine finally wore off, you'll be dead tired. Trust me, I learnt this from experience. 
Try something more gentle but work just as well, like tea, lemon water, pomegranate juice, prune juice,etc, these drinks also has alot more health benefits with extra vitamins and nutrients.
RECIPE: Moosh's take on Green Tea :D (because plain green tea is not that yum tbh)

-Green tea bag
-Honey (honey is good if you have hay fever like me, cause of the season change)
-Boiling water
-Your favourite cup (this is a must)
1. Add a tea bag to your cup with 2 teaspoons (or whatever amount depends on how sweet you want it) of honey.
2. Fill the cup up 3/4 way with boiling water, stir and sit for 2 mins.
3. Fill cup all the way with milk and stir.
4. Enjoy :)
3. Still do the things you love 
If you enjoy moving around, remember to keep doing so during exams. Getting out for a run, hit the gym or go for a walk at least 3 times a week has huge benefits for the body (for obvious reasons, cause you're exercising) and also the brain. This give the brain some resting time and a refreshment from all the studying, which results in more a more efficient mind for exams. Also it's nice to have a break to move around and tan :)
Keep doing your hobbies whatever it might be is also very important, this will keep you sane and your level of stress low. Give yourself a break and don't abuse this by taking a break every 5 minutes, because study hard is also important. If you think you'll get distracted easily from all the things you like doing around you, my advice id to simply move them somewhere you can't see, or simply move to another study location. My weakness is nail polish and make up, so I simply put them in the other room :). Also things like laptop and phone can also cause a distraction, simply turn them off, or give them to your parent or something till your break time.
This is a real cliche but I'm gonna say it:
-Try not to stress too much, because moderate stress is normal, but too much can really affect your performance.
-Walk out of that exam knowing whatever the result is, you've tried your best.
-Eat right, rest right, study right and you'll be absolutely FINE.

That's all I can think of really, hope you all do amazing with exams, I won't be posting till the 26/11 :( But now to then, tootles :)
Moosh x

Friday, 26 October 2012


Hey there all you awesome peeps :D This post is  purely a shout out post requested (forced) by my friend Sophie, to here it is :)
Dear Sophie, I cant exactly remember what I'm supposed because I lost that piece of paper, but: SOPHIE IS THE AWESOMEST FRIEND EVER AND I'M SORRY FOR TRYING TO SUE YOU :D ILY <3 <3 
And here's a photo of how sorry I am :D
Night night everyone, or day day if you'r in another country :)
Moosh x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bleh Day :P

Hey guys this is a quick update from me, I haven't done those ''Moosh's Day'' for a while, and I'm running low on ideas, so I thought I'd do one, even though they're pretty boring :D So here it is :)
This morning I woke up earlier than normal, dusted up and walk to school, like every day. But it's not just everyday.
Shit happened, but my friends helped me through it, pretty sure I did the right thing and I'm so thankful to have them.
Except for Pyone and Sophie, those little shits. 
In History, they decided that it'd be funny to cut out a fake arm out of paper, coloured it with highlighters, and annoyed me with it. First it touched my hair, then gradually moved to my neck. 
I was shocked, I felt so violated, it's like I got raped by that fake arm. But I held it in, because I'm such a nice person (those who dont know me and my sarcasm, I was being sarcastic).
Then they decided to full on attacked me, sticking that fake arm down my neck, I jerked, causing my thermal cup which contained my favourite green tea with honey to fall down on the ground. 
Now the carpet looked like come one pissed on it.
It was a disaster.
Everyone cracked up laughing, at me.
I should sue them for violation, humiliation and sexual abused.
Anyway that was my day.
Pretty bleh :P
Now lets end this with a piece I painted as part of a triptych for my Art external.
Hope you enjoyed this shitty post :)
Moosh x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beauty Haul

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that I haven't update for ages!!! I've been incredibly busy with my Art board due on Tuesday, then reading responses on Wednesday, and this morning I just handed in my science internal!! Any way, I dont want to bored you all with my incredibly sucky life, so today, I bring you a beauty haul, of the stuff that I bought and got given over the past week or two :)
First of lets start with jewellery 
Left: A ring from Rubi Shoe for $1
Right: (I'm so excited about this) a moody moustache ring :D from Hannah when she went to US for holiday.
Next I got this Typo 2013 Diary. OMG I just felt in love at first sight, it was the perfect pastel mint green colour and the perfect size (A5), it was around $12 I believe. Then I also got a Rubi nail polish in Baby One More Time, it's a lovely pale pink but the pigmentation isn't that great, $3 :\
Elf cream eyeliner in black, it also comes with a little angled brush. This came in a package from France cause Marie went there for holiday and ordered it for me, I can't remember exactly how much it cost sorry :P I tried it out and it works pretty well :)
This is an ELF eyelid primer, I have extremely oily lids so this helps a ton in keeping my eyeshadow in place. This also came in with the package :) Thank you Pofter :)

Next Hannah got my this Sephora eyeliner in electro choc, it's the right shade of chocolate brown with just enough glitter, absolutely love this thing <3
Then Hannah also got my the Maybelline Falsies mascara that I heard tons about, loving it so far :D
Hannah also got me this Elf Wet Gloss Brow and Lashes gel, the brow end works really at setting my brows in place all day but I have stubby short lashes so the clear lash gel doesn't do much :P
Then (this is also very exciting) I got this DB (Designer Brands) Beauty Book consists of 28 eyeshadow pans and 20 lip colour/gloss pans. The eyeshadows I have to say, are super duper duper shimmery, like really shimmery, the lip colours are all right, not that pigmented. Over all I think it's a bargain for only $5.
Now you might be wondering why I purchased baby powder? Well my dry shampoo ran out and I couldn't get hold of that brand, so I got this instead, I heard on Youtube that Baby Powder works just as well (and also cocoa powder but I dont like the idea of food in my hair, what if the ants get in??), the same principle applies with the particles absorbing the oil and grease on our hair. Turns out it really does work, a bit messy to apply though. This was around $4-$5.
Then I got a new roll on Deodorant, cause it's getting warmer, I chose this particular one even though it smells like herbal medicine (which I can just tolerate, I dont recommend this if you hate the smell of herbs) because it's the only Anti-bacteria one I could find, because apparently the common Anti-deodorant one isn't too good for you because it blocks the sweat pores and doesn't acutally do anything to combat odor, which is produce by bacteria in our underarms (so anti-bacteria makes more sense since it kills the bacteria. This was by Thursday Plantation for around $5-$6, and I'm happy to say that it actually works really really well :)
Finally I got a new tinted lip balm from Nivea for $3. The formulation of this is ok but I just hate the colour, it gives off a weird pale shimmery pink on the lip which makes my lip colours so odd. Next time I'll repurchase the fruity shine instead because I like that colour better.
All right, that's it for my haul, again I apologise for the lack of blog post, but I'll try my best to update you guys more often. Thank you :)
Moosh x

Friday, 12 October 2012


Hey peeps, how's you weekend going? Mine's shit, since this is the last weekend before Term 4, I'll b staying home doing school work. FUN. FUCKING NOT.
Anyway, it's raining outside, stupid Palmy spring weather, and thunder, which made me jump since we hardly ever get thunder here. I'm in my room, trying to finish my Art board, which is not going great :(. And listening to 'If I Die Young", "Jar Of Hearts" and "Come Home". Depressing I know :(
But, I've got my 'pick-me-up' right next to me :D green tea with honey and milk in my favourite cup.
yum yum yum

I need to get back to painting now, hope you weekend isn't as boring as mine :)
Moosh x

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hi guys, this is another apologetic post, for not being able to update often. I am so fucked, like, not even kidding, I have so so so much shit to do before next Monday!!! I hope you guys are more organised than me, not leaving things to the last minute :\ Any way here's a quick picture that cheered me up and 'rescued' me out of the loads of crap I'm in. Now it's my laptop background. Enjoy :D
C ya l8er ;)
Moosh x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Small(ish) Shopping Spree :D

Hello everyone :D I know I know, I haven't done a post in a few days, but on Friday, my Mum and I went shopping, just because :D And to be honest, I got a lot more stuff then I intended to, mostly clothes (YOLO) :D So here it is, my Fashion Haul :)
First of all, I got this black floral dress from Glasson for $15 (down from $20), it's stretchy material with low back and front neck line, comes down to above my knees. I really like it :D
Next, I got a black peplum dress from K-mart for $19 (down from $29). I was quite hesitant with this kind of dress simply because I didn't think it'd look good on me, but when I try it on I really like it :D. I reckon that this would do wonders for someone who's really thin with little curves because it does a really good job at adding curves by sucking in your waist and emphasizing the bottom :D
Then I got some plain black ankle boot wedges. These are very walk-able in considering how high they are. They were $15 (down from $40 I think) in Rubi, it also comes in peach, mint green, taupe and cobalt blue, I would've got the taupe but they didn't have any in my size left.
These baby pink on the outside and hot in on the inside were for $1 (that's right, $1) down from $15 at Rubi, I had to get them :D
Then I got a Richie Raglan style shirt with 3/4 sleeves in Peach with a quote in French that translate to "music is my religion" which I don't necessarily agree with :( but I like the top. It was $5 down from $20 :D. They also comes in a lot of different colours but I liked this one the best :D.
Finally, Mum and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I got a new duvet cover set from the Kids section (:D). They were $20 (down from $60!) Bargain!
So that's it for my small-ish haul, hope you found that some what interesting, definitely check out the amazing deals in all the stores. Have a good day everyone :D 
Moosh x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It's All About Me

Hey guys, this is an 'All About Me' post, because I just realized how gay my previous one was :\

Vital Statistics:
Me: Nguyen

Nicknames: Moosh, Wingless, Wendy, Emma, Wing-a-ling-ling
Birthday: 3rd January 1977
Place of Birth: My Tho City, Vietnam
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student at PNGHS, part-time at Bangkok Thai
Residence: Palmerston North, NZ
Screen Name (sounds so fancy): Moosh :)

Hair Colour: Really really dark brown (brown in sunlight)
Hair Length: Long
Eye colour: Black
Best Feature: Hair
Height: 166cm (last time I was measured at the gym)
Braces?: Never
Glasses?: Nope, and hope I stay this way forever :D
Piercing: Used to have them on my ears but the holes sealed up :(
Tattoos: No
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: I dont like the idea of one best friend, I have a few very close friend though :D
First Award: Top of class in Year 1 ?
First Sport You Joined: Badminton? But I didn't like it at all
First Real Vacation: Vietnam
First Concert: A local band concert in Vietnam
First Love: I wish I had any :(

Movie: Tangled, Burlesque, The Amazing Spiderman, The Help, and the list goes on...
TV Show: OMG there are so many!! Awkward., Switched at Birth, Home and Away, Big Bang Theory, Friends,..
Colours: Pastels, Navy blue, Moss Green,...
Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift, No Name by Ryan O'Shaughnessy,...
Candy: Really really dark chocolate, gummie bears and Fruitburst :D
Restaurant: Pompeii Pizza, Wabi Sabi
Store: This is hard, I wish I'm rich enough to shop in Amazon and Wild Pair. My go to stores are Factorie and Recycle Boutique (because I'm a bargain hunter)
School: Favourtie School ????? Are you crazy?? School subjects got to be Art and Graphic
Book: Love in Present Tense, Marley and me (the biography one), The Red Tree (it's a picture book :))
Magazine: Vouge, it's so flippin expensive though ;(
Shoes: Wedges, but my everyday are canvas :)

Feeling: Freakout about the amount of internals and external I need to do in the next one and a half week. And also hating myself for being such a big procrastinator. 
Single or Taken: Single :( 
Eating: Oranges
Typing: This
Online: Facebook
Listening To: Nothing, the cars driving pass outside?
Thinking About: FML, I have so much shit to do D:
Wanting: 27/11 When all my exams are over !!!
Watching: A bird outside
Wearing: Shorts and a hoodie

Want Children?: Yes :)
Want to be Married: Yes please.
Careers in Mind: Comercial Designer ?
Where do you want to live?: No idea, some where nice?

Have you ever: (lol I can already tell how boring this will be)
Kissed a Stranger: No
Had Alcohol: Yep
Smoked: No
Ran Away From Home: Nope
Broken a bone: I fractured my second smallest toe, haven't broke anything though :)
Got an X-ray: Yes, for my visa to Australia
Broken Someone's Heart: No :(
Broke Up With Someone: No, my sad forever single life :(
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes, only because my friends tickled/attacked me :(

Do You Believe In:
God: No, there is some one out there looking after me and my family though :)
Miracles: Sometimes
Love At First sight: No
Ghosts: No, but I get scared so easily, and I imagine stuff in my head which freaks my out
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: not so much heaven but I believe in the next life :)
Hell: No
Kissing on The First Date: Why not?
Yourself: No :(
Let's end with with a creepy fact :
Hope you've enjoyed this some how, and c ya l8er :D
Moosh x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hello everyone, I'm here today with a HAUL for you (as the title suggested). I haven't gone on a big shopping spree but got these stuff over a period of time, so I decide to squish them all together into a big haul (not that big, in fact quite small actually). Let's get straight into it. :D
Disclaimer: I am not bragging or showing off in anyway and please excuse my shitty camera :)
First up for clothings, I got a black singlet, a navy blue plain t-shirt from Valleygirl, they were on sale together for $10, and a pair of black canvas for $6 from K-Mart. Sorry these things are so boring I didn't see a point in take photos of them :D. 
Then I got this skirt from The Recycle Boutique (it's originally from Glasson I believe) for $4.60. It comes down to just about my knees and high waisted.
Now accessories wise..
I got a black bow belt from Dotti for $6 down from $16. It also comes in cream and orange.
This is a charity bracelet I got for $1 from Rubi shoes, really like the feather.
Ok this is definitely the most exciting thing. Moustache ring !!! These were on sale for $5 from Lovisa.
I also got a doughnut bun maker in black, this with 2 other things were buy 2 get one free for $10 from Bling.
Next up is beauty stuff :D. I repurchased the Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Spray because I love it so much, but this time I found them in Pak'n Save for only $6.40 (instead of $8 from K-mart)
I wanted a new cleanser that is gentle on the skin so I bought this Dove one to try for $6.50 I think. Loving it so far. (I'll do a review on this later.)
I got this elf liquid eyeliner in Plum from Bling together with the bun-maker.
Nail Polish, YAY !! from left to right.
1. Revlon 345 Peach Smoothie, this is a peachy nude with gold shimmer. The best thing about this is that it's scented, when dried it smells like the orange Fruitburst flavour, I can't stop sniffing it!! (that sounded weird). This with the other Revlon Nail Polish were for $10 from Postie.
2. BYS N312 Beautifully Bare. This is a clay colour for sure, I kinda like it though. From Bling with the bun-maker and the eyeliner for $10.
3. Cairuo colour 05. I got this at my school's Year 10 Trade Fair (pretty sure this is not Trade Fair) for $3.50. It's a sheer dark blue with chunky aqua blue glitter.
4. Revlon 914 Tropical Temptation, it's a very opaque bright peachy pink. Unfortunately this isn't scented :(. Together with Peach Smoothie for $10 from Postie.
I know I know, this is really boring! Vaseline from Pak'n Save for around $4 I think. I got this for my eyelashes, I'm going to try and see if putting Vaseline on your eyelashes at nights will help them grow or not. And so far I think it's working :D
Lastly non-beauty buy:
This is a thermal cup with owls on it, I think it's absolutely adorable!! This was on sale at Typo for $5 which was such a bargain :D.
That's it for my haul, I feel like I've left something out but I can't remember what :\ Oh and in my last post I put up an Outfit of the Day that I wore to the Sakura Festival but I forgot to go through it. So here it is with the jewellery I wore that day as well :)
1. Black with floral prints Roxy Scarf I borrowed from Rosie :D
2. Black tank top from Valleygirl, as mentioned earlier.
3. Nude Skirt with an orange stripe at the bottom as mentioned earlier.
4. Messenger bag in dark moss green from Glasson for $10.
5. Balck canvas from K-mart as mentioned earlier.
Left to right:
1. Charity Bracelet from Rubi Shoe.
2. White rose ring I got ages ago from Diva.
3. Watch from my parents, have no idea where from.
4. Charity Bracelet from Cotton On.
5. Embroidery Bracelet from Rosie that she got from Vanuatu.
6. Gold Moustache ring.
7. On my nails BYS Beautifully Bare.
That's it for today's blog, hope you enjoyed it and c ya all tomorrow (or the next day).
Moosh x 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sakura Festival

Hey guys, so for not being active for the past few days, I've been very busy near the end of term, then into the holiday, I had this huge as writer block. But now I'm back with a post for you all about the Sakura Festival :D
So Sakura Festival (Cherry Blossom Festival) is a little festival thing that IPC (a college in Palmerston North) throws every year to celebrate Spring :D This year it was on Saturday 29/9, coincidentally also the first day of the holiday, so me, Rosie, Becca, Brittany, Kayla, Marie, Pyone and Jess went together. It was so pretty there, with the path full of pink cherry blossom trees like candy floss and a stunning lake near by reflecting the pink like a mirror. The weather was kinda crap at first but then the sun broke out and everything literally could not get better. 
I had a blast. First we caught the bus to IPC. Then we went into the horror house, I got a sore throat from screaming too much because I'm the worst when it comes to horror. Then we tried the laugh house which to be honest was kinda gay (no offend people, it's just an opinion). Afterward we got COTTON CANDY!~ Omg I was so rapt with that :D
Then we were starving so we went straight to the food stands. Me and Kayla shared some chicken satay sticks (yum!), we also got some dukboki from the Korean stands, they were so goooood, then me, Kayla and Pyone got banana ice-cream from the Vietnamese stand which was soooo yumm!! Unfortunately we were too hungry so we forgot to take pictures of the food before they were all gone :P
After the food, everyone all sat down on the grass by the lake while me, Pyone and Becca took some photos (actually, a lot of photos) with the cherry blossom trees. It was so much fun, cause the pink trees were unbelievably gorgeous and pyone + becca were such amazing models!!
what I wore to the festival :)
Pyone who was being too bloody gorgeous 
Becca the model

After like an hour of photo takings, we got some iced tea and went back to the grass. The sun broke out solaid down with was so so nice. 
Then me and Kayla caught the bus back to town. Suddenly, I remembered that I need to get some paper for Graphic, so Kayla was like "why dont we go to the book shop?" (Ok long story short, one of our friend met this guy who just happened to be working at that book shop today). So we went in, and I couldn't find the right colour paper, to which Kayla suggested "why dont you ask him?". So I went and ask him :D, he looked annoyed, we probably made his boring job even worse. Sorry! :(
Me and Kayla were NOT stalking him or anything. Definitely NOT.
That was really funny :D. Now that friend found out what we did so she suggested some changes to the previous sentence: "Me and Kayla were definitely stalking because we're horrible friends" :( thank you, we love you too.
That's pretty much it, we did some shopping afterward but that will be in my haul post :D 
Hope you enjoy my very late update. C ya l8er :D
Moosh x

Monday, 24 September 2012

What's my most....?

Hey guys, I'm here today with a random about me post, this post series is aim to inform and entertain you guys of some of my past experiences (mostly face balm moments) that are just simply unforgettable (in a bad way, could be good, whos know). Let's start with the one that inspire me to do this series.
What's my most uncomfortable + I-don't-want-to-be-here +embarrassing moment?
Ha ha ha... oh my gosh, where do I start? it's cringing to even think about. OK so last year, my family went back to Vietnam for a holiday. I still had a few childhood + primary friends there and we decided to meet up, catch up, yea whatever. So on News Year Eve, me and a few girls went to the local Spring flower Market to have a scroll around, fun fun fun, then I found out that my friend's class were having a party at a karaoke place and we're to join them a little later. 
Now let my tell you a few facts:
1. I only knew like 5 people in the entire class
2. it's a bit of distant from the flower market to the party venue
3. for a 15 years old Vietnamese, I'm substantially gigantic (and heavy)
So to get from the market to the party, my friend asked a few guys from her class who owned bikes to escort us there. I think there were about 4 of us, so we called for 4 guys to come. Three of them are my friend's boyfriends, and one of them owns an electrical bike. So before hand we arranged who's going to go on whose bike, obviously the 3 girls and their boyfriends, and me with the electric bike guy which is good because electrical bike is like a scooter, no need for pedalling :) (so I thought)
Everything seems all good until the guys arrived at the flower market, FML, that guy who was supposed to escort me is like ...midget (he only stood up to about my shoulder, no offence if you're reading this). I was like Oh great, but at least he has an electrical bike, so it's not too bad. 
No, I was so WRONG, mid way to the karaoke place, the bike ran out of battery, FML AGAIN, this is bad, really bad. Did I mention that electrical bikes with no power is alot harder to pedal than normal bike? On top of that, he's a midget, and I'm large. I wished  the ground would open up so I could bury myself down there.
IT was one of the most humiliating, cringing, uncomfortable and have I mention humiliating moment of my life. I offered to get off and walk to the venue but my friends wouldn't have it. I felt so terrible for the poor guy who was probably thinking "FML, she's so heavy, this is so embarrassing being seen with her on the back of my bike, my legs are gonna die after this" 
:((( "SHOOT ME NOW!!" I thought 
Finally, we got there, and I didn't have the balls to even apologise or say a proper thank you, all I said was "thanks". The party sucks. Again, no offence. I felt so large and out of place in there. ARGH worst situation ever !! 
Hope this was sort of entertaining, and let's pray that it'll never happen again. btw that Live life easier series is still on going, watch out :) And let me end this embarrassing post with a pic that is totally non-related but will make everyone slightly happier ;)

Heart Luke Mitchell <3
Thanks for reading, tootle pips :)
Moosh x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Late Night Rambling

Good day everyone, where ever you may be :)
Right now it's 11:13PM Friday 21/9/12 and there isn't a single spot on my body that's not sore as f***. I'm glad to be doing a random what's Moosh thinking post like I always used to do so here it is :).
First I'd like to do a special shout out to 
Heydandelion is such a cute page full of pastel, flowers, cuteness, girly, you name it that I love reading because it fills my mind with such pretty things and happy thought. Created by my 3 classmates Isy, Jess, Pyone who are just super duper hilarious, quirky and incredibly talented writers, I adore them :) So I recommend this page to you all, please click and give it a scroll because it's awesome :)
Secondly, a couple of interesting things happened today.  
1. So today in Science, Mrs Bosch (my teacher) asked everyone who's taking science next year, then she asked for hands up on how many people taking one, two or all three sciences (Chem, Physics and Bio). I'm only doing Biology next year so when she spot my hand up for only one Science, SHOCKER. Here's a few quotes from her "What? I thought you're gonna cut my appendix out" (because she thought I want to a a surgeon or something Science-y like that) "We'r gonna work on you Wingless" (I believe she's trying to get me over to the dark side of science) "I'm so disappointed in's such a waste" (this was quite nice of her actually, Mrs Bosch may sound kinda harsh sometimes but she's really nice :). Then also in the same lesson, I was taking notes about viruses and how they can spread through body fluids such as blood, saliva and SEA-WOMAN. LOL. It was supposed to be semen but somehow me a a few others got it so wrong :D :D :D. Good laugh :)
btw I apologize if this isn't very funny, it was absolutely hilarious butI'm just not a very good story teller, sorry :)
2. At lunch, me and Brit had fun, laying on the school ground, tanning, like retards. But is was really nice and fun :)
3. Work was absolutely HECTIC, didn't get home till about 10:30. I feel really bad because I'm so terrible with timing and servicing. Today we had a table booked for a birthday dinner. The boyfriend of the birthday girl was so caring, he brought in cake for her and asked us to bring out the cake after dinner. But no! I ruined the cake surprise by bringing the teaspoon and plates out before the cake!! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. So the people who I served today, I'm sorry for ruining your birthday surprise :(
Finally, lets end with my new favourite quote, not really a quote but it's funny :D
C ya tomorrow everyone :) Tootles
Moosh x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Live life easier PART 3 Un-tease

Hey peeps, hows it going? Just got back from zumba so I'm completely exhausted, it was really fun though :).
I'm here with Part 3 of the series "Live Life Easier", and today's topic is How to brush out teased hair :) Now for the people who don't tease their hair or people who naturally has thick hair and don't need teasing won't know this, but for me, the moment that I take my hair out from a teased hair style
 (eg:, it's like a bloody lion mane. The worst thing you can do this moment is brush the heck out of your hair with a brush/comb, because I can guarantee you that the result will be frizzy hair, extremely sore scalp and a ball of  hair in your brush (unless you have amazingly strong roots in which case I'm very jelly).
So here's a few pointers to help you to tame the lion mane that I discovered through painful experiences.
-My un-teasing method:
1. After you take your teased hair out, spray some de-tangle spray or leave-in conditioner on to your hair, focus on the really knotty parts.
2. Put your hair up in a folded ponytail (it's a normal ponytail but on the last loop you only pull your hair half way through the hair band. And leave the hair over night or over a period of time, so the hair can partly de-tangle itself.
3. Take your hair out. Using a WIDE teeth comb or your fingers, brush the hair out starting from the tips. When there's no more knots at the tips, move up the hair gradually.This method will really help in lessening the amount of hair breakage.
4. Finish off with spraying some more leave-in conditioner onto your hair.
-Do not tease your hair more than twice a week.
-Always un-tease your hair before washing it.
-Never use a rubber hair band, always go for fabric cover hair band.
Hope you all give this method a try, it works really well at un-teasing my hair. C ya tomorrow :)
Moosh x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Art Reject :(

Hello this is a quick picture post featuring an oil art work that I did around 2 months ago that was supposedly for my Art Folio, but in the end, it didn't fit in with my theme so I had to take it out :(. It's such a waste so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)
Have a lovely day everyone :)
Moosh x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Hello every body, how are you all?
It's early the end of Term 3 !!! Can you believe it, it seems like I just got back from summer holiday last week, where has the time fly to???? And man, end of terms are f***ing stressful, especially Term 3.
I have like a million and one internals and externals on, art folios, graphic project, history internal, reading response, writing internals, science project, the list goes on and on. Oh and I just had my Algebra exams this morning, how do I describe it?...EFFING SHIT. Didn't even understand half the shit!!! :(((
I'm just overwhelmed a little actually, I have so much stuff to do but I don't know where to start!! I guess I'm still the chillaxing mood after Mocks. This is soo terrible. Any tips on getting on track peeps? 
Onto a happier note, something that I've been loving lately are cheese scones, I just love them for taking to school for lunch :)

Well that's it for my depressing post, c ya <3
Moosh x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Live Life Easier- Part 2: No-sock sock bun

Greeting Earthlings :) (I'm in a weird mood today)
I'm here with PART 2 of the Live Life Easier series called "No-sock sock bun" (as the title mentioned).
Last Tuesday was mufti day at Girls High (I might do a post on my mufti suit), for my hair I wore a top knot bun and so many people (like 5) asked me if that was a sock bun, which it was not. So that gave me an idea for Part 2 :). I don't really like wearing a sock on my hair, because my hair is extremely slippery, I don't want to have to constantly checking my bun for sights of fabric. The result you get looks like a sock bun but you'r not using any socks or bun makers. I haven't actually try the doughnut shaped bun makers yet, might do that some times next week or so. This style is best on second day hair I found because the hair has more structure on second days plus I hate the feeling of (greasy) second day hair around my face so this do a good job at getting all the hair up while looking pretty cute. The down side of this is that teasing your hair is required, which might mean when you take it out, you'll have crazy hair. Also teasing is quite damaging to your hair also so I don't recommend wearing this more than twice a week, Part 3 of this series will be the best way I found to sooth and smooth your hair after teasing. Let's get right into it.
1. This step is totally optional. Spray on your favourite dry shampoo around the front of your hair, this get rid of any greasiness and adds some grip to the hair. Remember to brush out any white powder thoroughly.
2.Tie your hair up into a ponytail where you want the bun to be, the pony tails should be tight.
3. Tease the pony tail by brushing from the tips of your hair up using your fingers, how much you tease depends on how voluminous you want the bun to be, do go wayy overboard though.
4. Slightly twist your pony tail, place one hand on the root of the ponytail as a pivot while wrapping the teased hair around the pivot.
5. Secure the bun with another hair tie (again this is optional but I found my bun stays in place better with the extra hair tie).
6. Pin down any bits that is loose or fly-ways.
7. Another optional step, lightly spray some hair spray around your bun for extra hold.
8. Accessorize with a ribbon around the bun or a cute bow clip and you'r done ! :)
I love this hair style in place of boring ponytails because my hair is thin and flimsy. So I hope you give this a try. C ya later alligators.
Moosh x