Monday, 24 September 2012

What's my most....?

Hey guys, I'm here today with a random about me post, this post series is aim to inform and entertain you guys of some of my past experiences (mostly face balm moments) that are just simply unforgettable (in a bad way, could be good, whos know). Let's start with the one that inspire me to do this series.
What's my most uncomfortable + I-don't-want-to-be-here +embarrassing moment?
Ha ha ha... oh my gosh, where do I start? it's cringing to even think about. OK so last year, my family went back to Vietnam for a holiday. I still had a few childhood + primary friends there and we decided to meet up, catch up, yea whatever. So on News Year Eve, me and a few girls went to the local Spring flower Market to have a scroll around, fun fun fun, then I found out that my friend's class were having a party at a karaoke place and we're to join them a little later. 
Now let my tell you a few facts:
1. I only knew like 5 people in the entire class
2. it's a bit of distant from the flower market to the party venue
3. for a 15 years old Vietnamese, I'm substantially gigantic (and heavy)
So to get from the market to the party, my friend asked a few guys from her class who owned bikes to escort us there. I think there were about 4 of us, so we called for 4 guys to come. Three of them are my friend's boyfriends, and one of them owns an electrical bike. So before hand we arranged who's going to go on whose bike, obviously the 3 girls and their boyfriends, and me with the electric bike guy which is good because electrical bike is like a scooter, no need for pedalling :) (so I thought)
Everything seems all good until the guys arrived at the flower market, FML, that guy who was supposed to escort me is like ...midget (he only stood up to about my shoulder, no offence if you're reading this). I was like Oh great, but at least he has an electrical bike, so it's not too bad. 
No, I was so WRONG, mid way to the karaoke place, the bike ran out of battery, FML AGAIN, this is bad, really bad. Did I mention that electrical bikes with no power is alot harder to pedal than normal bike? On top of that, he's a midget, and I'm large. I wished  the ground would open up so I could bury myself down there.
IT was one of the most humiliating, cringing, uncomfortable and have I mention humiliating moment of my life. I offered to get off and walk to the venue but my friends wouldn't have it. I felt so terrible for the poor guy who was probably thinking "FML, she's so heavy, this is so embarrassing being seen with her on the back of my bike, my legs are gonna die after this" 
:((( "SHOOT ME NOW!!" I thought 
Finally, we got there, and I didn't have the balls to even apologise or say a proper thank you, all I said was "thanks". The party sucks. Again, no offence. I felt so large and out of place in there. ARGH worst situation ever !! 
Hope this was sort of entertaining, and let's pray that it'll never happen again. btw that Live life easier series is still on going, watch out :) And let me end this embarrassing post with a pic that is totally non-related but will make everyone slightly happier ;)

Heart Luke Mitchell <3
Thanks for reading, tootle pips :)
Moosh x

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