Monday, 1 October 2012

Sakura Festival

Hey guys, so for not being active for the past few days, I've been very busy near the end of term, then into the holiday, I had this huge as writer block. But now I'm back with a post for you all about the Sakura Festival :D
So Sakura Festival (Cherry Blossom Festival) is a little festival thing that IPC (a college in Palmerston North) throws every year to celebrate Spring :D This year it was on Saturday 29/9, coincidentally also the first day of the holiday, so me, Rosie, Becca, Brittany, Kayla, Marie, Pyone and Jess went together. It was so pretty there, with the path full of pink cherry blossom trees like candy floss and a stunning lake near by reflecting the pink like a mirror. The weather was kinda crap at first but then the sun broke out and everything literally could not get better. 
I had a blast. First we caught the bus to IPC. Then we went into the horror house, I got a sore throat from screaming too much because I'm the worst when it comes to horror. Then we tried the laugh house which to be honest was kinda gay (no offend people, it's just an opinion). Afterward we got COTTON CANDY!~ Omg I was so rapt with that :D
Then we were starving so we went straight to the food stands. Me and Kayla shared some chicken satay sticks (yum!), we also got some dukboki from the Korean stands, they were so goooood, then me, Kayla and Pyone got banana ice-cream from the Vietnamese stand which was soooo yumm!! Unfortunately we were too hungry so we forgot to take pictures of the food before they were all gone :P
After the food, everyone all sat down on the grass by the lake while me, Pyone and Becca took some photos (actually, a lot of photos) with the cherry blossom trees. It was so much fun, cause the pink trees were unbelievably gorgeous and pyone + becca were such amazing models!!
what I wore to the festival :)
Pyone who was being too bloody gorgeous 
Becca the model

After like an hour of photo takings, we got some iced tea and went back to the grass. The sun broke out solaid down with was so so nice. 
Then me and Kayla caught the bus back to town. Suddenly, I remembered that I need to get some paper for Graphic, so Kayla was like "why dont we go to the book shop?" (Ok long story short, one of our friend met this guy who just happened to be working at that book shop today). So we went in, and I couldn't find the right colour paper, to which Kayla suggested "why dont you ask him?". So I went and ask him :D, he looked annoyed, we probably made his boring job even worse. Sorry! :(
Me and Kayla were NOT stalking him or anything. Definitely NOT.
That was really funny :D. Now that friend found out what we did so she suggested some changes to the previous sentence: "Me and Kayla were definitely stalking because we're horrible friends" :( thank you, we love you too.
That's pretty much it, we did some shopping afterward but that will be in my haul post :D 
Hope you enjoy my very late update. C ya l8er :D
Moosh x

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