Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hello everyone, I'm here today with a HAUL for you (as the title suggested). I haven't gone on a big shopping spree but got these stuff over a period of time, so I decide to squish them all together into a big haul (not that big, in fact quite small actually). Let's get straight into it. :D
Disclaimer: I am not bragging or showing off in anyway and please excuse my shitty camera :)
First up for clothings, I got a black singlet, a navy blue plain t-shirt from Valleygirl, they were on sale together for $10, and a pair of black canvas for $6 from K-Mart. Sorry these things are so boring I didn't see a point in take photos of them :D. 
Then I got this skirt from The Recycle Boutique (it's originally from Glasson I believe) for $4.60. It comes down to just about my knees and high waisted.
Now accessories wise..
I got a black bow belt from Dotti for $6 down from $16. It also comes in cream and orange.
This is a charity bracelet I got for $1 from Rubi shoes, really like the feather.
Ok this is definitely the most exciting thing. Moustache ring !!! These were on sale for $5 from Lovisa.
I also got a doughnut bun maker in black, this with 2 other things were buy 2 get one free for $10 from Bling.
Next up is beauty stuff :D. I repurchased the Schwarzkopf Hair Repair Spray because I love it so much, but this time I found them in Pak'n Save for only $6.40 (instead of $8 from K-mart)
I wanted a new cleanser that is gentle on the skin so I bought this Dove one to try for $6.50 I think. Loving it so far. (I'll do a review on this later.)
I got this elf liquid eyeliner in Plum from Bling together with the bun-maker.
Nail Polish, YAY !! from left to right.
1. Revlon 345 Peach Smoothie, this is a peachy nude with gold shimmer. The best thing about this is that it's scented, when dried it smells like the orange Fruitburst flavour, I can't stop sniffing it!! (that sounded weird). This with the other Revlon Nail Polish were for $10 from Postie.
2. BYS N312 Beautifully Bare. This is a clay colour for sure, I kinda like it though. From Bling with the bun-maker and the eyeliner for $10.
3. Cairuo colour 05. I got this at my school's Year 10 Trade Fair (pretty sure this is not Trade Fair) for $3.50. It's a sheer dark blue with chunky aqua blue glitter.
4. Revlon 914 Tropical Temptation, it's a very opaque bright peachy pink. Unfortunately this isn't scented :(. Together with Peach Smoothie for $10 from Postie.
I know I know, this is really boring! Vaseline from Pak'n Save for around $4 I think. I got this for my eyelashes, I'm going to try and see if putting Vaseline on your eyelashes at nights will help them grow or not. And so far I think it's working :D
Lastly non-beauty buy:
This is a thermal cup with owls on it, I think it's absolutely adorable!! This was on sale at Typo for $5 which was such a bargain :D.
That's it for my haul, I feel like I've left something out but I can't remember what :\ Oh and in my last post I put up an Outfit of the Day that I wore to the Sakura Festival but I forgot to go through it. So here it is with the jewellery I wore that day as well :)
1. Black with floral prints Roxy Scarf I borrowed from Rosie :D
2. Black tank top from Valleygirl, as mentioned earlier.
3. Nude Skirt with an orange stripe at the bottom as mentioned earlier.
4. Messenger bag in dark moss green from Glasson for $10.
5. Balck canvas from K-mart as mentioned earlier.
Left to right:
1. Charity Bracelet from Rubi Shoe.
2. White rose ring I got ages ago from Diva.
3. Watch from my parents, have no idea where from.
4. Charity Bracelet from Cotton On.
5. Embroidery Bracelet from Rosie that she got from Vanuatu.
6. Gold Moustache ring.
7. On my nails BYS Beautifully Bare.
That's it for today's blog, hope you enjoyed it and c ya all tomorrow (or the next day).
Moosh x 

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