Friday, 21 September 2012

Late Night Rambling

Good day everyone, where ever you may be :)
Right now it's 11:13PM Friday 21/9/12 and there isn't a single spot on my body that's not sore as f***. I'm glad to be doing a random what's Moosh thinking post like I always used to do so here it is :).
First I'd like to do a special shout out to 
Heydandelion is such a cute page full of pastel, flowers, cuteness, girly, you name it that I love reading because it fills my mind with such pretty things and happy thought. Created by my 3 classmates Isy, Jess, Pyone who are just super duper hilarious, quirky and incredibly talented writers, I adore them :) So I recommend this page to you all, please click and give it a scroll because it's awesome :)
Secondly, a couple of interesting things happened today.  
1. So today in Science, Mrs Bosch (my teacher) asked everyone who's taking science next year, then she asked for hands up on how many people taking one, two or all three sciences (Chem, Physics and Bio). I'm only doing Biology next year so when she spot my hand up for only one Science, SHOCKER. Here's a few quotes from her "What? I thought you're gonna cut my appendix out" (because she thought I want to a a surgeon or something Science-y like that) "We'r gonna work on you Wingless" (I believe she's trying to get me over to the dark side of science) "I'm so disappointed in's such a waste" (this was quite nice of her actually, Mrs Bosch may sound kinda harsh sometimes but she's really nice :). Then also in the same lesson, I was taking notes about viruses and how they can spread through body fluids such as blood, saliva and SEA-WOMAN. LOL. It was supposed to be semen but somehow me a a few others got it so wrong :D :D :D. Good laugh :)
btw I apologize if this isn't very funny, it was absolutely hilarious butI'm just not a very good story teller, sorry :)
2. At lunch, me and Brit had fun, laying on the school ground, tanning, like retards. But is was really nice and fun :)
3. Work was absolutely HECTIC, didn't get home till about 10:30. I feel really bad because I'm so terrible with timing and servicing. Today we had a table booked for a birthday dinner. The boyfriend of the birthday girl was so caring, he brought in cake for her and asked us to bring out the cake after dinner. But no! I ruined the cake surprise by bringing the teaspoon and plates out before the cake!! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. So the people who I served today, I'm sorry for ruining your birthday surprise :(
Finally, lets end with my new favourite quote, not really a quote but it's funny :D
C ya tomorrow everyone :) Tootles
Moosh x

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