Thursday, 20 September 2012

Live life easier PART 3 Un-tease

Hey peeps, hows it going? Just got back from zumba so I'm completely exhausted, it was really fun though :).
I'm here with Part 3 of the series "Live Life Easier", and today's topic is How to brush out teased hair :) Now for the people who don't tease their hair or people who naturally has thick hair and don't need teasing won't know this, but for me, the moment that I take my hair out from a teased hair style
 (eg:, it's like a bloody lion mane. The worst thing you can do this moment is brush the heck out of your hair with a brush/comb, because I can guarantee you that the result will be frizzy hair, extremely sore scalp and a ball of  hair in your brush (unless you have amazingly strong roots in which case I'm very jelly).
So here's a few pointers to help you to tame the lion mane that I discovered through painful experiences.
-My un-teasing method:
1. After you take your teased hair out, spray some de-tangle spray or leave-in conditioner on to your hair, focus on the really knotty parts.
2. Put your hair up in a folded ponytail (it's a normal ponytail but on the last loop you only pull your hair half way through the hair band. And leave the hair over night or over a period of time, so the hair can partly de-tangle itself.
3. Take your hair out. Using a WIDE teeth comb or your fingers, brush the hair out starting from the tips. When there's no more knots at the tips, move up the hair gradually.This method will really help in lessening the amount of hair breakage.
4. Finish off with spraying some more leave-in conditioner onto your hair.
-Do not tease your hair more than twice a week.
-Always un-tease your hair before washing it.
-Never use a rubber hair band, always go for fabric cover hair band.
Hope you all give this method a try, it works really well at un-teasing my hair. C ya tomorrow :)
Moosh x

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