Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Hello every body, how are you all?
It's early the end of Term 3 !!! Can you believe it, it seems like I just got back from summer holiday last week, where has the time fly to???? And man, end of terms are f***ing stressful, especially Term 3.
I have like a million and one internals and externals on, art folios, graphic project, history internal, reading response, writing internals, science project, the list goes on and on. Oh and I just had my Algebra exams this morning, how do I describe it?...EFFING SHIT. Didn't even understand half the shit!!! :(((
I'm just overwhelmed a little actually, I have so much stuff to do but I don't know where to start!! I guess I'm still the chillaxing mood after Mocks. This is soo terrible. Any tips on getting on track peeps? 
Onto a happier note, something that I've been loving lately are cheese scones, I just love them for taking to school for lunch :)

Well that's it for my depressing post, c ya <3
Moosh x

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