Sunday, 16 September 2012

Live Life Easier- Part 2: No-sock sock bun

Greeting Earthlings :) (I'm in a weird mood today)
I'm here with PART 2 of the Live Life Easier series called "No-sock sock bun" (as the title mentioned).
Last Tuesday was mufti day at Girls High (I might do a post on my mufti suit), for my hair I wore a top knot bun and so many people (like 5) asked me if that was a sock bun, which it was not. So that gave me an idea for Part 2 :). I don't really like wearing a sock on my hair, because my hair is extremely slippery, I don't want to have to constantly checking my bun for sights of fabric. The result you get looks like a sock bun but you'r not using any socks or bun makers. I haven't actually try the doughnut shaped bun makers yet, might do that some times next week or so. This style is best on second day hair I found because the hair has more structure on second days plus I hate the feeling of (greasy) second day hair around my face so this do a good job at getting all the hair up while looking pretty cute. The down side of this is that teasing your hair is required, which might mean when you take it out, you'll have crazy hair. Also teasing is quite damaging to your hair also so I don't recommend wearing this more than twice a week, Part 3 of this series will be the best way I found to sooth and smooth your hair after teasing. Let's get right into it.
1. This step is totally optional. Spray on your favourite dry shampoo around the front of your hair, this get rid of any greasiness and adds some grip to the hair. Remember to brush out any white powder thoroughly.
2.Tie your hair up into a ponytail where you want the bun to be, the pony tails should be tight.
3. Tease the pony tail by brushing from the tips of your hair up using your fingers, how much you tease depends on how voluminous you want the bun to be, do go wayy overboard though.
4. Slightly twist your pony tail, place one hand on the root of the ponytail as a pivot while wrapping the teased hair around the pivot.
5. Secure the bun with another hair tie (again this is optional but I found my bun stays in place better with the extra hair tie).
6. Pin down any bits that is loose or fly-ways.
7. Another optional step, lightly spray some hair spray around your bun for extra hold.
8. Accessorize with a ribbon around the bun or a cute bow clip and you'r done ! :)
I love this hair style in place of boring ponytails because my hair is thin and flimsy. So I hope you give this a try. C ya later alligators.
Moosh x

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