Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bleh Day :P

Hey guys this is a quick update from me, I haven't done those ''Moosh's Day'' for a while, and I'm running low on ideas, so I thought I'd do one, even though they're pretty boring :D So here it is :)
This morning I woke up earlier than normal, dusted up and walk to school, like every day. But it's not just everyday.
Shit happened, but my friends helped me through it, pretty sure I did the right thing and I'm so thankful to have them.
Except for Pyone and Sophie, those little shits. 
In History, they decided that it'd be funny to cut out a fake arm out of paper, coloured it with highlighters, and annoyed me with it. First it touched my hair, then gradually moved to my neck. 
I was shocked, I felt so violated, it's like I got raped by that fake arm. But I held it in, because I'm such a nice person (those who dont know me and my sarcasm, I was being sarcastic).
Then they decided to full on attacked me, sticking that fake arm down my neck, I jerked, causing my thermal cup which contained my favourite green tea with honey to fall down on the ground. 
Now the carpet looked like come one pissed on it.
It was a disaster.
Everyone cracked up laughing, at me.
I should sue them for violation, humiliation and sexual abused.
Anyway that was my day.
Pretty bleh :P
Now lets end this with a piece I painted as part of a triptych for my Art external.
Hope you enjoyed this shitty post :)
Moosh x

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