Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beauty Haul

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that I haven't update for ages!!! I've been incredibly busy with my Art board due on Tuesday, then reading responses on Wednesday, and this morning I just handed in my science internal!! Any way, I dont want to bored you all with my incredibly sucky life, so today, I bring you a beauty haul, of the stuff that I bought and got given over the past week or two :)
First of lets start with jewellery 
Left: A ring from Rubi Shoe for $1
Right: (I'm so excited about this) a moody moustache ring :D from Hannah when she went to US for holiday.
Next I got this Typo 2013 Diary. OMG I just felt in love at first sight, it was the perfect pastel mint green colour and the perfect size (A5), it was around $12 I believe. Then I also got a Rubi nail polish in Baby One More Time, it's a lovely pale pink but the pigmentation isn't that great, $3 :\
Elf cream eyeliner in black, it also comes with a little angled brush. This came in a package from France cause Marie went there for holiday and ordered it for me, I can't remember exactly how much it cost sorry :P I tried it out and it works pretty well :)
This is an ELF eyelid primer, I have extremely oily lids so this helps a ton in keeping my eyeshadow in place. This also came in with the package :) Thank you Pofter :)

Next Hannah got my this Sephora eyeliner in electro choc, it's the right shade of chocolate brown with just enough glitter, absolutely love this thing <3
Then Hannah also got my the Maybelline Falsies mascara that I heard tons about, loving it so far :D
Hannah also got me this Elf Wet Gloss Brow and Lashes gel, the brow end works really at setting my brows in place all day but I have stubby short lashes so the clear lash gel doesn't do much :P
Then (this is also very exciting) I got this DB (Designer Brands) Beauty Book consists of 28 eyeshadow pans and 20 lip colour/gloss pans. The eyeshadows I have to say, are super duper duper shimmery, like really shimmery, the lip colours are all right, not that pigmented. Over all I think it's a bargain for only $5.
Now you might be wondering why I purchased baby powder? Well my dry shampoo ran out and I couldn't get hold of that brand, so I got this instead, I heard on Youtube that Baby Powder works just as well (and also cocoa powder but I dont like the idea of food in my hair, what if the ants get in??), the same principle applies with the particles absorbing the oil and grease on our hair. Turns out it really does work, a bit messy to apply though. This was around $4-$5.
Then I got a new roll on Deodorant, cause it's getting warmer, I chose this particular one even though it smells like herbal medicine (which I can just tolerate, I dont recommend this if you hate the smell of herbs) because it's the only Anti-bacteria one I could find, because apparently the common Anti-deodorant one isn't too good for you because it blocks the sweat pores and doesn't acutally do anything to combat odor, which is produce by bacteria in our underarms (so anti-bacteria makes more sense since it kills the bacteria. This was by Thursday Plantation for around $5-$6, and I'm happy to say that it actually works really really well :)
Finally I got a new tinted lip balm from Nivea for $3. The formulation of this is ok but I just hate the colour, it gives off a weird pale shimmery pink on the lip which makes my lip colours so odd. Next time I'll repurchase the fruity shine instead because I like that colour better.
All right, that's it for my haul, again I apologise for the lack of blog post, but I'll try my best to update you guys more often. Thank you :)
Moosh x

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