Sunday, 7 October 2012

Small(ish) Shopping Spree :D

Hello everyone :D I know I know, I haven't done a post in a few days, but on Friday, my Mum and I went shopping, just because :D And to be honest, I got a lot more stuff then I intended to, mostly clothes (YOLO) :D So here it is, my Fashion Haul :)
First of all, I got this black floral dress from Glasson for $15 (down from $20), it's stretchy material with low back and front neck line, comes down to above my knees. I really like it :D
Next, I got a black peplum dress from K-mart for $19 (down from $29). I was quite hesitant with this kind of dress simply because I didn't think it'd look good on me, but when I try it on I really like it :D. I reckon that this would do wonders for someone who's really thin with little curves because it does a really good job at adding curves by sucking in your waist and emphasizing the bottom :D
Then I got some plain black ankle boot wedges. These are very walk-able in considering how high they are. They were $15 (down from $40 I think) in Rubi, it also comes in peach, mint green, taupe and cobalt blue, I would've got the taupe but they didn't have any in my size left.
These baby pink on the outside and hot in on the inside were for $1 (that's right, $1) down from $15 at Rubi, I had to get them :D
Then I got a Richie Raglan style shirt with 3/4 sleeves in Peach with a quote in French that translate to "music is my religion" which I don't necessarily agree with :( but I like the top. It was $5 down from $20 :D. They also comes in a lot of different colours but I liked this one the best :D.
Finally, Mum and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I got a new duvet cover set from the Kids section (:D). They were $20 (down from $60!) Bargain!
So that's it for my small-ish haul, hope you found that some what interesting, definitely check out the amazing deals in all the stores. Have a good day everyone :D 
Moosh x

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