Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Make-up and hair

Hey guys, right now it's 12:46 in New Zealand. This afternoon I'll being doing to my friends Brittany and Becca's make up and hair for their Miss Teen Manawatu Event: The Glasson Fashion Show in the Plaza. I'm really excited for that :D, I've done their hair quite a few times and make up once or twice but those were for a private event with the judges, but this time, everyone's eye will be on them. For the hair, since everyone has  to have their hair in a top bun, I'll add a little twist in the bun to make them stand out a little more. For the make up, I'll go a for more natural but chic makeup since this is a fashion show after all, maybe a subtle smokey eye :)
Anyway, I'm super excited for this and I'll be putting up some photo of the all finished gorgeous models :)
If you're round and about, come to see the fashion show in the Palmerston North Plaza at 5:30 :)
Moosh x 

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