Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bits and Bobs

Hi guys, today's blog post is going to be a collection of random thoughts that I have and want to write about. So here it is:
  1. 100 views!!! Yes I have over 100 views on my blog, it's quite exciting but I bet you over 50% of the views are form me. Kind of sad actually, but exciting :D. I was looking at my traffic sources and came across a really awesome art related website So thank you every one who took a look at my blog. I know it's probably really boring but I am trying my best to write a post everyday and make it more interesting. :)
  2. Miss Teen Manawatu 2012!!! As I mentioned in a previous post, 2 of my very close friends are doing Miss Teen and they were kind/brave enough to let me and another close friend of mine Rosanna to do their makeups and hair for most of the events. Tomorrow will be their last event which is the interview with the judges before the final night on Friday 13th (I know!! It just have to be Friday the 13th). So I'll be doing Brit and Becca's hair and make up till 6:30pm then I'm off to the gym. Haven't been there since Friday but it feels like weeks. AND, Becca and Brit are getting me a ticket for the final show!! The thing cost like $35 and it's so nice of them to pay for me. Thank you guys (if your reading this).
  3. I have a close friend name Kayla, and she wants me to mention her in my blog, since after all, she's the one who gave me the nickname "Moosh". So thank you Kayla for the awesome nickname you gave me and I hope you like this :D.
  4. I'm very much obsessed with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!!! They're actually dating in real life!! OMG PERFECT COUPLE!!!
  5. I'm working on an artwork which should finish soon so I'll be posting about that :)
This was Bits and Bobs in my life at the moment, thanks for reading, hope it's not too boring.
Moosh x

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