Monday, 9 July 2012

Snow White inspired hair for Miss Teen Manawatu

Hey guys, so my friend Rebecca had her interview with the judges for Miss Teen Manawatu today and I got to do her hair and makeup. The hair is inspired by Snow White played by Kristen Stewart, I got this tutorial from Letsmakeitup1 channel on youtube, she's amazing and I get so many great ideas from her. I started doing the exact hairstyle she showed but then I added my on twist to it by turning it into a low side ponytail rather than a side braid and it looks really cool. Here are some photos of the original hairstyle and the altered one :). Hope you like it :)
The amazing model Rebecca Platt
The original Snow White hairstyle 
The final modified product 
What are your thoughts? Is the original style better or the modified one?
Moosh x

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