Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another day another post :)

Hey, I know this post is kind of late  but it's only 11:30 so I'm still technically posting once everyday. I've been busy all day. Woke up at 10:30 then meet up with a few friends at 11:30. We went op-shopping at Sarvation Army Family store and The Recycle Boutique which was so much fun, and I got a mint green belt from the boutique for $2.30 (Bargain!) and it's looks fairly new. I took a few pictures on my sister's ipod but didn't know how to put it on my laptop. Then we went shopping in the Plaza and I got an infinity scarf (or a snood) from Rubi Shoe for $5 (again Bargain!) in marble grey. We also had lunch in town at Subway and I got Meatball sub which was yummy :D (I LOVE SUBWAY). Then I got some more new hair pins which isn't very exciting but still. And in the Boutique I saw this gorgeous designer leather-like jacket qith loads of zips that looked brand new and was $46 (the brand just escaped my mine), I tried it on and it looks really good, but I couldn't afford it (well I could but Mum wouldn't b very happy :\). Then at 5pm I had work at Bangkok Thai which was kinda busy. Then got home at 9pm. Oh I forgot to mention, yesterday at Rebecca's, she painted my nails flags of different countries which looks so cool, I have Italy, Canada, New Zealand, All Blacks flag, Korea, USA, Japan, England, South Africa and France :D. I honestly love them so much :) :) :). Then, I was watching shaanxo's channel on youtube and saw her new video which is a healthy living/ slimming down video, in it she went through what she did to slim down, her eating habit,...which I found really useful and motivating (I feel like I need to lose a few). She also mentioned myfitnesspal, so i just sign up on that and started my food + fitness diary. I really hope this work because I feel like I'm so unfit and  fat-ish in winter and I really want to not gain any more weight over the winter and maybe losing some as well. 
I have no plan for tomorrow except Centergy at 12:05pm and then work at 5pm :)
Hope this "what I did today" post was not too boring (it's probably is boring), sorry I couldn't put any photos up. I'll also try to do some drawings for Art and Graphic. 
That's all.
Moosh x

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