Thursday, 26 July 2012

Craft Project as a birthday Present :)

Ok first of all, if your name is Sophie Allan, GET OFF THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! 


Yes now, so Thursday night, I was studying for my science test the next day, I suddenly came up with a really cool craft idea, and since it's my friend Sophie's birthday on Saturday, I thought I make it for her. So this is a picture frames collection sort of thing. I made the individual frames then string them together in columns of 3, then stick them on a wooden chopstick :) I hope this is useful for people who're looking for crafting ideas. I really enjoyed making it :)
And here it is 

Moosh x


  1. Haha Nguyen! I love it so much! Thank you thank you thank you :D I Funnelly enough, I only just read this post, haha telling me to get off.... :P I love your blog btw :) I don't have any pictures in my frames yet, but hopefully by Friday at Bankok Thai and Ted, we will have a few to slip in! And yes I can come to the movie now because I have more money than I thought, WOOHOO!!! See you tomorrow, have fun at Zumba busting those moves :D I'm sad I can't come..... <3 Sophie

  2. :D yes yes yes, we have to take some pics on friday, sad u can't come, good time shopping though :D :D xo