Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chatty Wednesday

Hello everyone, I'm here with another blah blah blah post, I don't know why but I actually really enjoy doing these kind of posts. I feel like they help me to get things out of my head, help me stay motivated (because you're more likely to do things if you write them down, there's a tip for you guys), and also it's kind of improving my English. So YAY for chatty posts, and I'm sorry if you don't like these as much as my hair and make up post, I promise I'll do a Prom hair and make up post this weekend since I'm helping Becca getting ready for the Boys High ball this Saturday :D
Let's start off with something slightly funny. On Sunday morning, I was at home doing my homework, the phone rang, so I picked up the phone, didn't think much at all, and said "Good evening Bangkok Thai". The person (turned out it was my sister's friend) was like "...what ?!!??" only then I finally realized what I just said so I quickly said "oh sorry hey hi.. Hello!" OMG what an idiot!! Later I told my sister and all my friend yea they all cracked up laughing. Moral of the story, if you work too much and you're a complete retard like me you're 99.9% likely to do what I did :)

Next is something I just need to get off my chest. People that ruin my days. I'm not the type of person to be affected by unlucky things that happen to me like accidentally spill paint, forgot my umbrella when it's pouring outside or drop my phone,...But my moods are depended on the people around me. If they're happy then I'm happy, if they're being nasty to me, I keep that at heart (which is really bad I know) and have a terrible day. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate anyone, because I think hate is such a strong negative thing for a person to feel towards another person, I just simply find them annoying, like human pet peeves if you like. I'm not going to name any names because that is just sad but I'm going to say what hey all have in common that annoys the sh*t out of me. 
1. They think they're better then me.
2. Don't listen to me at all.
3. Very judgemental to me. 
So many times I tried to crack a joke or tell them something that I find funny and all they give this "" look as I'm STILL telling them. It's like they're dead on set to judge whatever I have to say before I actually said it so no matter how funny the joke is, they're going to find something weird from it and think that I'm f*cked up in the head, then they'll go and tell everyone how I'm so gay. Next, the people who is obviously wrong but they don't listen when I try to tell them then they blame me for not telling them. And also the people who thinks that they are so much better than me and are constantly trying to prove that by always always go against whatever I say, and whenever I ask someone else a question, they'll butt in and try to be a freaking smartass. 
Those just make me feel so put off and uncomfortable and I just automatically have a negative feel about them. So I just find them very annoying/extremely unpleasant to be around. 

Now let's end on a happy note. I want to share with you guys my favourite video of the week, actually a few weeks now. This video is called 'Being Happy' by a Louise who does beauty videos on youtube. I absolutely love her, she is really pretty, unique, bubbly, down to earth and super duper funny. This video really helped me to stay positive and stay happy so I thought I'd share with you guys. And please go and subscribe to her channel because her videos are AWESOME!!

Hope you all have a good day :)
Moosh x

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