Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hey guys I'm here with a haul for you all, it's not everything I bought but just the things I thought would be interesting to show you :).
These are part of the Typo pen line that everyone seem to own. They're just normal black ink pen with a cap but the thing that make them so popular where I live is the cover. I got a black and white triangles, baby pink with polka dots and pastel blue with a vintage white floral pattern. I absolutely love them because they're just so much fun to write with and the quality is pretty good as well. The only thing I don't like is that right where I  hold the pen, there's this funny ridges that I think are for holding the lid onto the pen, but it dig into my finger which is quite uncomfortable. These were NZ$2.95 each but I got them on sale 5 for $5.

This is the ELF Night2day eyeshadow quad I got from Bling for $5 which I think wasn't too bad considering how much use I can get out of this. The four colours are a shimmery of-white, a dark bungundy red, a matte grey and a bronzy gold colour with loads of shimmer, The quad also came with a tiny mirror and a sponge tip applicator. I'll be sure to do a tutorial on this quad sometimes in the future.

I wanted a non-waterproof mascara for daily use because my Maybelline one is waterproof and it's sooo hard to take off and I always end up pulling a few lashes out which is terrible because I don't have much lashes at all. So I got the Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara I got form Postie for $8. This mascara has a very flexible plastic wand which I like better than the normal brush wand.  

Then I got the Nivea Matifying Gel Cream because my Body shop moisturiser ran out. This only $9.79 from the supermarket which is so much cheaper than my Body Shop one. And also I get quite oily skin so this is a good choice for me.

Next up is the Skinlite Make-up Cleansing Tissue for $3 from K-mart. I got this because it's cheap, smells great (I love lavender) and it does the job.

This is a blush from a Japanese brand I think called La Pensee (please correct me if I'm wrong). When you swirl all the colour together it creates a really pretty coral colour which I really like. I got this at a garage sale for $2, it was still in the package sealed so I didn't really care that it's second hand.

Last but not least I got a Maybelline Eyestudio Natural Impact quad in 05 Glamour Browns. This was an absolute bargain in my opinion, I got it for $2 because the darkest brown sort of broke which I didn't really care because it was still usable. All of the browns has a lot of shimmer in them which I really like. This is a great pallete for everyday neutral or night out make up. 

So that's it. Hope you enjoy it, like last time, I'll be doing a review for all of them in a few weeks.
Moosh x  

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