Monday, 30 July 2012

Mayhem Monday

Hey guys I'm here for an all-over-the-place post,I'll just be writing things that pops up in my head. 
So just after work, I was wiping my eye make up off, (I didn't wear any face make up like always) and I noticed FREAKING WRINKLES around my eyes that I swear weren't there yesterday!! And on top of that, area undermy eyes look like it can use a few years of sleep (I've been sleeping 8 hours every day so WTF) and on top of this on top of that, the skin around my eyes which were always so smooth and pretty are now sooo dry and flaky (except my eyelid of course which is always SO OILY and mange to melt off my eyeliner every time). So now I'm all eyes and ears open for a good eye cream to help me combat the flippin' eye problems. Suggestions??
Now onto a cheerier note, MARIE POFF-TER  IS BACK!!!! I haven't seen her for 4 weeks so I'm super duper happy that she has survived and returned from freaking France and America and Hongkong and Switzerland and Germany !!!!  I'm soo jelly because she looks as tan and tank as ever !!! WELCOME BACK MARIE :D :D :D
Back to my depressing mood. I am under achieving,  know I am. I really hope I don't sound too conceited and snobby but I know what I'm capable of getting and I'm a bit guttered of not getting as high as I can. Because I over-estimate my ability which is pretty arrogant I know but I just was too relaxed. Believe me, after 5 years of having to learn a second language and 5 years of watching my parents struggle to support me and how much hope they have in me, under-achieving is the last thing I want to do. But that's exactly what's happening to me. I know I can't change anything of the past but I will really really do the best I can next time :). This is a promise I'm going to make to myself and hopefully be able to keep it :).
I'm still shit scared from Paranormal Activity 2 which I saw last Saturday, I'll have a post on that later.
Let's end on a happier note, well notes actually. I'm really pumped for Wednesday and Thursday because it's ZUMBA OLYMPIC BRING YOUR FRIENDS WEEK !!!! So a few of my classmates are coming and it's really really exciting!!! AND AND AND, on Friday night, all of my close friends are coming to dine at Bangkok Thai which is where I work and then we're going to Marie's house for a sleepover to do a huge catch up session which is going to be so much fun!!! I'll be sure to do posts on both events :)
That's it for today, I'm sorry this messy post was kind of depressing, let's hope the water calms down tomorrow (I'm totally enjoying watching the Olympics, especially rowing and artistic gymnastic). And just to chuck it in here, my favourite photo of the day, I think it's so bloody gorgeous :)
Bye bye
Moosh x

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