Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This little twig of happiness

Hi, today is a little post about a little twig of happiness that I thought I've lost. Literally. 

By Rebecca Platt
This is a photogram (which is when you use light and objects to create cool little art work on light-sensitive paper) that my really close friend Becca made during out photogram unit we did in Visual Art using a tree branch she found in the school ground. I think she didn't mean for it to be anything special, more like playing around really but it turned out amazing. I love it so much and I was super duper excited when she gave it to me :D :D :D because the twig's leaves somehow remind me of the fairy lights on Christmas tree and I get really excited in Christmas :) I also like how it's really simple but interesting as well. When I got home that day, I couldn't find it!! I was so sad and I felt terrible as well because this was a gift. But last night while looking through my Maths Homework book, I FOUND IT !!!!! I was so so happy :) :) :) Now I'm looking for a space to pin this up, some where I can stare at it all the time, probably next to my jewellery stand, hmm...Anyway, so this is my little twig of happiness for yesterday, and today and probably this week also :) So thank you Becca ILY :D
Moosh x

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