Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My day? A rollercoaster going straight to HELL

Sorry again I do not have the pics from Miss Teen Final Night, and I can't be stuff rushing Becca anymore so bear with till they're up guys thankies
Ok let's get started :)
Depressing title I know, but it can't be any more appropriate. To start off, woke up half an hour late, so I was rushing like a total retard to school with hair still damp and skin as dry as Marie's jokes (trust me they're dry). Then BAM, 1 hr and 15 mins of Maths, 15 mins in and I was already thinking "KILL ME NOW" by then. But thanks to the lovely Jess and Rosie who I sat next to in Maths kinda cheered me up :) Art was a fail, I tried to do another print off my etch but it didn't turn up as good as I hoped, then the freaking oil ink completely ruined my nails that I painted yesterday (one hand was pastel minty green and the other hand was nude pink and they were so pretty) :( :( :( And then came History, it single handedly ruined my day, last term I did an internal researching about The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, and I was so happy with my work till I found out that I wont be getting any higher than Achieved, because of some stupid little mistakes I made, ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS? Oh my gosh I'm so guttered. SO I was pretty much depressed all lunch time with some of my friends busy hanging out with other people oh yea and an update fro the stuff yesterday, I have concluded that I should just leave everything the hell alone and try not too analyse anything  :( :( :( Then Science was a total pain in the ass, did I mention how awkward Science was yesterday? Well today is worse... yea I kinda dozed off half way through.... A good thing today is that I don't have work :D HALLELUJAH :D :D So I went to zumba at 6:15, It was really fun till the end when I realise that I'm too chubby so I looked pretty stupid shaking my bum bum (it's part of zumba) :( :( :(. So now I'm sitting on my bed writing this blog feeling slightly like a sad cat. But..
HAPPY LAST DAY OF BEING 15 TOM TOM, YOU'RE GETTING OLD!!! :D :D :D here's a quote for you for your birthday :) 

Moosh x


  1. Did he actually tell you weren't going to get higher than achieved? Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

  2. YAY my first comment!! he didn't say it straight up but he definitely implied it :\ lol chicken? it's funny cause im a wing :D