Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terrific/ terrible Tuesday

Hey guys, first of all I'm so sorry for not being able to put the pics from Miss Teen up because Rebecca hasn't put them up on facebook yet. But I promise I'll put them up as soon as possible :)
Now let's get on to today's post. TERRIFIC/ TERRIBLE TUESDAY. Well it's was an alrite day actually, nothing too terrible but I couldn't think of any better words start with t. It's pretty terrific to start off considering I have no work today :D :D Then I have my favourite subject which is Art first :D :D Then I finally got my report, 3 weeks late, and I have to say I'm pretty proud of my report, not a single NCEA standard achieve or merit, straight Excellence :D :D :D. I'm pretty sure that'll change in the second report at the end of the year though, considering I got a merit in my Speech :\ and there'll probably be some more down the road. 
Something "terrible" was that during Art, I sat next to Madeline and Brittany, who both have a guy in their life and they were talking about boys, and I was just sitting there thinking "FML, I'm gonna be FOREVER ALONE". But then I got some prezzies from Rosie which made my day terrific again. Rosie just got back from Vanauatu :D :D and she gave me a pink starfish-shaped soap which smells soo good and a friendship bracelet that has red, dark blud, light blue and green arrowheads which I absolutely adore :D thanks Rosie <3 <3. Then the best part, I got home and took a really really long nap till like 7pm which was like HEAVEN after 2 nights of 6 hours sleep (I love my sleep) :) :) :).
But for some reason, through out the day, either I was being very judgemental (which I rarely am) or that stuff's happening, let's hope I'm being too judgemental :P. I'll keep you update on that :D
Oh and also, I'd like to give a shout out to Miss Kay's blog who is one of my very good friend :D and Marie who is either America or Europe right now on holiday :) :)
And lastly I'm thinking of new ideas for my blog, either another Art post or a fashion/hair/makeup post :)
Thankios guys :) Goodnight :)
Moosh x
PS. Picture/writing thing of the day, just to remind me that i'm forever alone :D

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