Monday, 16 July 2012

Term 3

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I didn't have time with all the homework I needed to catch up on. Anyway, Term 3 started today, FML... Seriously, after 2 weeks straight of sleeping in and facebook all day, coming back to school is HELL. I sat through 5 classes today thinking I DONT WANT TO BE HERE !! Yea I know, I'll get used to it soon enough :P. And my friend Rosanna got back from Vanauatu, YAY! :D
Anyway, I just got back from work, man it was HECTIC. Well hectic for a monday, had about 10 tables, and loads of things happened. I broke a champagne glass :( :( :( :( I'm so clumsy, thank god my boss didn't sound too angry. A couple trying to make a booking today but weren't able to so the man as swearing at me over the phone, that was NOT fun. And then this dude who went in alone, half way through his main, he lost half a tooth so he paid and left. Then my boss made me some noodles to take home, so looking forward to my lunch tomorrow :D
Oh I nearly forgot, remember how I was talking about losing weight and doing myfitnesspal? well  that went out the window :\. Because since I mostly eat Asian Food, I could find the correct calories on the page, then one day I'll go way over my limit, the next day I'll b 500 calories short. Which didn't make sense because it felt like I ate about the same amount. Another reason is that I couldn't remember what I ate :(. Oh well I'm sure I'll find my motivations again pretty soon :)
Aah I'm so sleepy, barely got any sleep yesterday cause my sister was on the phone and we share the same room. So yea, BYEEEEEE :) :) :) Oh and Becca said she'll put the pics up tomorrow so I shall be blogging about that :) Again BYEEEEEEEEE :) :)
Moosh x
And here's my quote of the day, I love it :D

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