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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thankful, thick, thingamajig Thursday

Hey, soo... it's thursday! Let's just say today is definitely better than yesterday, but I've had better thursday :)
First up, I want to talk about my pie. So for every school report, it comes with a pie graph that shows the proportion of Excellences, Merits, Achieves and Not achieves. Term 2, I got a one colour pie of E :). But now I fear it wont be anymore, today's merit for history has mucked it up. I mean I was kinda expecting an Achieve, because of yesterday's incident. If I actually got an achieve, my pie would be like that chocolate pie in The Help, a chocolate pie with a little bit of shit in it. So I'm pretty thankful :).
Secondly, I'm 90% convinced that I'll be forever alone. I'm as attractive as an ostrich gets and plus, I'm a fat/shirt/stubby emu...
Thirdly, I again realized how stupid I look do zumba.
Fifthly, RIP Marie Poff, I hope you come back to life (FB) soon :) :)
Sixthly, I only like Rosanna Patterson because of her Nerds, I KID :D
Oh nearly forgot, seventhly, work is a biarch, it started at 5pm and I really wanted to go to zumba at 7:15, it was dead quiet with no customer will 6:30 then BAM, everyone rushed in at once. I was like are you serious?? But I came up to my boss and ask it I can go home, and she said yes, so YAY :D
eighthly, I'm loving TED the new movie it's so effing hilarious (especially the thunder song, it's R13 btw)
here's the thunder song
Moosh x 


  1. ;) Nice analogy there Moosh. Well I only use you for texts and no I DON'T KID. DW i'll be forever alone with you. Can you watch it with me, looks so funny (TED I mean).

  2. LOL,let's sing the thunder song together and b forever aloneee :D :D