Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bargain Haul ^_^

Hey there old chaps :) How is everyone? Are you having a good weekend? :) I'm here with a haul for you all, but not just any haul, a BARGAIN HAUL :) I haven't been working because of mocks and my budget is a little low right now, so bargains and sales are AMAZING :) Let's get right into it shall we

First up I ran out of body lotion, so I got the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion 400ml. I've used Nivea lotion before then I stopped for awhile and went onto body butters, but this was on sale for $7.50 at Kmart so I thought might as well :).

Then next to the Nivea Lotions, Nivea lip balms were also on sale! I've used the Nivea Fruity Shine tinted lip balms before and quite liked it so I got milk and honey to try out because I like honey and this was only $2.50.
This is a repurchase, I've used up my Skinlite Makeup Cleansing tissues in Lavender so I got a new pack in Cucumber. They weren't on sale but $3 is pretty cheap anyway from Kmart also and they do the job.
Then I got some Miki Nail polish from Postie Plus in No.18 and No.23. One is a soft orangy peach colour which I think is perfect for Spring and one is a glittery forest green. They were 2 for $6. 

Now for clothings, I got this baggy, cropped-ish top from Kmart for $1 !!!! It's such a bargain !!! This was the last one as well so I had to get it :) I think I'll  get alot of wear out of it especially for Spring. :)
Next up is a thin cotton jumper/sweatshirt/whatever you call it from Supre for $5. Supre was having a massive sale and I really like the design on it so yup, good buy :)
Last but not least, I got these adorable flats from Kmart. I think this was my best buy out of the entire haul because they were only $2 !!!! They were down from $25 I think because one of the bows were detached. So I bought this then got Mum to sew it back on for me :) Amazing bargain :)
That's it for my bargain haul, I love shopping but I love it even more if it's on sale :). This wasn't a lot of stuff I know but I'm really happy with everything I bought :) C ya tomorrow peeps :) 
Moosh x

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