Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Stumbling start to the stupid week

Hello all you awesomers :) How are you? 
Yes I know, the title is quite depressing but I'm honestly just not having the best start to the week :\ Mainly because of my Mocks results I think, but also other things as well.
So on Monday, I had such a crap morning because my Dad left for Perth and I won't be able to see him till December :\ Then I got some of my results back from History, English and Maths. They were all good results but to be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed about some in History and English. And then after school I had to go to work which I absolutely did not feel like doing, on top of that, when I was getting dressed for work, oh my god, I look so so so terrible in jeans with my fatty legs, arghhh. I'm honestly jealous of people who have fast metabolism, they can just eat loads of shit and stays perfectly slim. Yea so that made me feel like crap.
On to Tuesday morning, I was kind of excited because it's mufti day. But the excitement didn't last when I saw a bloody zit that is soo disgusting painful on my left cheek :( :( Now I'm jealous of people who have dry- normal skin, and they hardly break out, or the people who have occasional zits but they seems to just disappear right after leaving no scar at all. I think I'm going to try out Proactiv and see if it improves my skin at all, please do :(. Anyway, what I wore was wayy too cold for the sudden drop of temperature when I got to school, F*CK. Then, the most disappointing  thing ever when I got my Art results back, I know I should not be sad at all about this but I honestly felt like crying of frustration. That result is now like a black cloud over my head and will probably haunt me for the rest of the week :((. And it doesn't help that I'm on a huge artist block, I just can't think of any idea for my folio board at the moment. English also sucked because we're doing creative writing and I just can not be creative with writing, even if I have a really good idea, I can't seem to convey it through words. 
Wednesday was interesting. Bored out of my mind in all of the classes. I'm wayyy to pale for my mineral power at the moment. Also nearly die in Zumba because I haven't been at all during mocks. But I was slightly happier after school though, got drunk in the rain with Hannah after taking some shots................. from Burger King :). 
I'm dreading school tomorrow because we might find out our Science results and I can guarantee you another depressed post on that :(
Lets hope your week isn't as bad as mine and that I cheer up for the weekend :)
here's a quote from my friend Brittany and a photo from facebook that I thought is really funny:
That awkward moment when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it testicles.

C ya all tomorrow.

Moosh x

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